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Meet Gary Wilson, General Manager at the Inn on the Lake

Meet Gary Wilson, General Manager at the Inn on the Lake

Gary Wilson has been the General Manager at the Inn on the Lake in Ullswater since the Graves family purchased the hotel, back in 2000. Recognized for his enthusiasm, commitment and his innate ability to wear the many different hats that are required of a successful General Manager, we wanted to give you an insight into the life of Gary.

What inspires you to get up in the morning?
Life – everyday has its challenges but when you have a positive frame of mind and are happy with your lot, getting up and thinking ‘let’s get at it’, you’re not in a bad place.

What, in your view, is the Lake District’s best kept secret?
It’s not a secret, its peace, beauty and good people.

What question have you always wanted to know the answer to?
Which one of my brothers ate my father’s Easter egg when I was 12. I copped the blame and was sent to my room for 2 days.

What can’t you do without, and why?
Apart from the obvious (Paula, Oscar, family and friends) that half sugar in my tea, as hard as I’ve tried can’t take my cuppa without that little bit of sweetness.

What would you do with a spare £1 million?
Make my family secure, pay off their mortgages and the rest to good causes.

If you could travel in time, where would you go?
Back to the sixties to call in and see my mother who passed away whilst I was very young. We’d have a cuppa and a real good chin wag.

What’s the hardest thing about running a hotel? And the best thing?
You have to be very committed. You need passion, patience and at times very thick skin so it can be very tiring. The best thing is making a guest very happy, creating great memories and working with great people who are like minded.

What makes you angry?
Lack of consideration, bad manners and ‘can’t be bothered attitude’.

What do you hope to get done before the end of the day?
Today: give a couple, family and friends a wedding to remember and great memories.

What would you name your racehorse and why?
Billy Bremner, what an engine that guy had. Never stopped running.

Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever met?
Met many as I used to work in the TV and film industry but I would say Dustin Hoffman.

What would you wish your epitaph to be?
He cared about people.

What’s your biggest indulgence?
Tunnocks caramel wafers.

What is your desktop screen saver?
Oscar my choc lab.

What have you got series linked on Sky?
The Apprentice and MasterChef.

What other career would you have liked to pursue?
I was an undiscovered goal keeper: something to do with my height and build, certainly not ability!

What’s your most treasured possession?
My dad’s watch, which he left me. I always remember him wearing it when I was a kid.

What are your favourite websites?
I love to go on You tube watch the old Leeds United games. It softens the misery of our plight at the moment.


Gary Wilson, General Manager
Inn on the Lake
CA11 0PE
Tel 017684 82444


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