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Carry on Christmas murder mystery at the George Hotel

Carry on Christmas murder mystery at the George Hotel

The George Hotel, Penrith Cumbria
Thu, December 18th 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm

Join us at the George Hotel for Carry on Christmas murder mystery evening and 3 course meal for £29.50pp

Bookings: Call 01768 862696

Criminal Cabaret Dinner Show

Hang your stockings on the Fireplace and clean out your flue as the Carry On Team get ready to come down your chimney!

Can you solve this merry murder mystery and be crowned a Christmas Cracker or will your theories be looked on as a load of old baubles? Ding Dong, what a Carry On!

Criminal Cabaret Format

Presented over a three course meal, the Criminal Cabaret shows are an evening of song, dance, music, comedy and murder as the mystery comes to life around you.

Scenes of evidence are presented between your courses and the suspects mingle amongst you to be questioned whilst you eat as you try and discover which of these larger than life characters committed the deadly deed.

You are guided along on your investigation by the all-seeing, all knowing Inspectre who hosts the night, hands out handy hints and clues and eventually reveals the solution to the mystery and rewards those who are the superest of sleuths.

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