15 years of Garry Price

Well established as Lake District Hotels’ funny man and the warm and friendly ‘ruler’ of The Kings Arms in Keswick, 2020 marks 15 years since King Garry Price became a member of the Lake District Hotels family!

As Lake District Hotels’ first hotel, The Kings Arms will always hold a special place in our hearts and we pride ourselves on the comfortable and friendly hospitality in which we continue to offer. However, there’s no denying that one huge driving force behind the charming ambience of The Kings Arms is none other than our General Manager, Garry Price.


As the face of The Kings Arms and a true character all-round, Garry has been welcoming guests since 2005 and providing each and every one with a memorable stay. Not only does he make sure everything at the hotel runs smoothly, but he often lends a helping hand at many of our other events across our other hotels also.


Whether you want a good whiskey recommendation, service with a smile or just need to hear a funny joke, Garry is your man. So be sure to pop into The Kings Arms located in Keswick’s Market Square next time you’re in town.

Get to know Garry

With the start of a new decade, we wanted to catch up with the Kings General Manager, Garry, and see what he makes of the past 15 years with the company.


  1. What date did you start working for the company?

I started working for the Lake District Hotels Group on the 1st March 2005 all them years ago.

  1. What was your first job with the company?

I started as I meant to go on, as the General Manager of The Kings Arms Hotel which I continue to do to this very day.


  1. How have you progressed over the years?

I feel like I have mentally progressed over the years and have learnt how to emotionally handle situations well. It can be tough working in such a busy and fast-paced industry, so I think it is important to not let it get on top of you and control your stress levels.

  1. What is your favourite thing about your job?

My favourite thing about my role is having the ability to work out solutions. I like being faced with a challenge and figuring out how to overcome this, whether that’s making a guests’ stay memorable to recommending the right whisky for someone’s particular taste!

Other wonderful aspects of my job including being able to work with lots of different staff from across the globe, as well as meeting return guests year on year.


  1. From all your roles, which did you enjoy the most and why?

By official job title, I have only ever had the role as General Manager, however I do my bit all over when needed to support my team. Whether it’s pouring pints at the bar, checking guests in and out on reception or even cooking in the kitchen, I like them all and I love that my job gives me the flexibility.

  1. What are a few of your favourite memories from the past 15 years with the group?

The highlight of the past 15 years was getting married to my Kings Arms colleague, Marita, at the Skiddaw Hotel – our sister hotel just next door. However, one of my favourite memories of working at The Kings Arms has to be the World Cup of 2018.

Keswick had the most incredible heatwave and England played much better than usual, getting all the way to the semi-finals – unfortunately not further, but little victories. There was such a buzz in the air and it felt absolutely fantastic to go into work and see Casas, The Loft and the outdoor courtyard absolutely full of people out to support the lads.

Fingers crossed we’ll have a recreation of it this summer during the Euros just with one difference… England getting beyond the semis!

  1. Are there any special guests who are particularly memorable to you?

There are so many guests who continue to return to experience the welcoming hospitality of The Kings, problem is there’s far too many to mention and I wouldn’t want anyone reading to feel left out.


  1. If you could do any other role within the group, what would it be and why?

I already feel like I get the opportunity to work in different roles since I help whenever and wherever my team need me, however, if I was going to mix it up entirely, I think I’d like to have a go at working in accounts at head office.


  1. What attracted you to work for Lake District Hotels?

Honestly, I just fancied a change from working where I previously was and it seemed like a brilliant opportunity. I advertised myself to the group, got offered a job interview and here we are 15 years on.

  1. What has kept you with the company for so long?

I feel my role offers me a lot of independence and flexibility. I don’t like repetitive tasks that may be given to you in larger, corporate hotel chains and love the fact that on Monday I’m GM, Wednesday I’m chef and by the weekend I’m chatting away to locals and visitors on the bar. I also like that I get asked to help out with other events across the group, such as the Royal Ascot Ladies Day which occurs each year.


  1. What do you consider your biggest achievement has been?

I’ve had lots of good achievements with the AA, Visit Britain and to be perfectly honest, I’m unbelievable proud to have such a great bar in the hotel.


  1. Can you give any examples of things you have influenced over the past 15 years?

I like to try and keep up with evolving trends and put into practice what I’ve learned to see if we can offer guests and even more memorable experience. It’s hard to pinpoint things in particularly, but I definitely continue to think of new and quirky ways to entertain guests.

  1. Has anything happened in the past that you would like to see happen again?

Although it’s been a while, England getting past the semi final stages of any big football competition would be nice!


  1. How do you feel Keswick has changed over the past 15 years?

You can definitely notice more café and walking shops in the town centre, which makes sense as the Lake District has strongly cemented its reputation as a picturesque, walking destination.


  1. Where do you see yourself in another 15 years?

I should be retired, all being well!

Spread your wings and come to the Kings

If you’re in need of a cozy, countryside getaway, The Kings Arms is the place to be. We’re serving up friendly hospitality, comfortable living spaces, deliciously good food and stress-free relief.

We pride ourselves in being a popular spot with both tourists and locals alike, not to mention our ideally situated location in the heart of Keswick.


We’re so much more than just an old coaching inn; with Casas Sports Bar out back and LB’s, Keswick’s original pizzeria located in our courtyard; not to mention our world famous pies that are worth visiting for alone.

Therefore, if you’re in need of a little humble escapism, call 0800 840 1241 or book your break online now.