5 Spanish tapas dishes you MUST TRY at the Skiddaw Hotel

If you’re in search of authentic Spanish tapas in the Lake District, look no further than our very own Skiddaw Hotel. Choose from well-known dishes or more niche tapas specialities that originate in the more remote regions of Spain.

The Skiddaw Hotel’s head chef, Bobby Fillingham, is passionate about Spanish tapas after spending over 18 years of his life living and travelling around the Balearic Islands and mainland Spain. So much so, that he wanted to bring a taste of his most favourite region to the market town of Keswick and created our exclusive Spanish tapas menu.

Our generous Spanish tapas menu can be found on the Skiddaw Hotel bar menu and is served in both the bar and conservatory area so you can enjoy a taste of Spain while you people watch on Keswick’s Market Square.

From his wide-ranging expertise with Spanish cuisine, we caught up with Bobby to find out which tapas dishes at the Skiddaw hotel he recommended the most…


1)     Garbanzos con Espinacas y Albaricoques

Spinach, Apricot & Chickpea Stew with Flaked Almond

Chorizo is a type of pork sausage that is commonly used in many traditional Spanish dishes just like this one. The great news is that our butcher is actually making these chorizo sausages especially for us, so guests can enjoy the rich tastes of Spanish chorizo, but made from local Cumbrian meat.

This dish is popular in Spain and is often served with chunks of bread which are also available on the Skiddaw Hotel tapas menu.

2)     Calamares a la Romana

Deep Fried Squid with Lemon

When asked his all-time favourite food, Bobby told us just how much he loves seafood! So it’s no surprise that squid dish featured on his favourites.

From his time spent living on the coast in Mallorca, Bobby told us wonderful stories about how fresh all the seafood dishes were in Spain, and although we’re not right on the coast, it’s not that far away and Bobby just had to replicate this one of his favourite dishes.


3)     Pimientos de Padron

Fried Baby Green Peppers with Sea Salt Flakes

If you’ve ever visited Spain, odds are you will have tried this Spanish specialty. Our Padron peppers are supplied directly from Spain so they’re as authentic as it gets.

Although the majority of Padron peppers have a mind flavor once you bite into them, 1 in 10 are as spicy as a jalapeno – so it really is a game of Russian roulette… but with peppers!

4)     Croquetas de Jamon

Breaded Ham Croquettes

Although it’s not your traditional tapas option, the ‘Croquetas de Jamon’ never fail to please with each bite. They have a satisfyingly crunchy texture on the outside, which makes way for oozy cheese mixed with succulent slices of flavoursome ham on the inside.

Despite not being the most cultural of dishes, there’s no denying that they’re bloody yummy!


spanish tapas in the lake district

5)     Albondigas de Cerdo

Pork Meatballs in a Rich Tomato & Herb Sauce

Here’s another dish where we’ve combined the exotic flavours of Spain with the excellent quality meat farmed locally in Cumbria. The pork meatballs have been perfectly cooked so they retain their shape, yet melt in the mouth when you take a bite – expertly complimented by the rich sauce that packs a bit of heat.

spanish tapas in the lake district

Spanish tapas in the Lake District

If you’re getting major food-FOMO and would like to sample Bobby’s favourite tapas dishes mentioned above, pick a date that suits you and come join us at the Skiddaw Hotel.

What’s more, we’re serving 1 or 2 litre jugs of sangria to accompany your authentic Spanish tapas in the Lake District so you can feel just like you’re in España!

  • Served 7 days a week
  • Available from 12pm-9pm
  • Served in the Bar & Conservatory

To see the Skiddaw Hotel’s full tapas menu, click here.