Capturing your perfect day at Inn on the Lake

We know how important capturing your perfect wedding day is and we are lucky to have a vast selection of photo opportunities at the Inn on the Lake. With so much scenery around us and a dedicated team who are happy to help, we will ensure you capture the wedding images of your dreams at our lakeside Lake District wedding venue.

Wedding photography is one of the most important parts of planning your big day and can go along way to capturing the magic of your wedding for a lifetime. To showcase just how spectacular your wedding photos could look, we spoke to some of our recommended Lake District wedding photographers to find out their top tips, but also wanted to share some of our favourite snaps from our most memorable weddings.

If you would like to explore the Inn on the Lake for your upcoming wedding, you can book a show-round online here.

Jason Chambers Photography

“Couple photos aboard an Ullswater Steamer surrounded by scenery always make for a perfectly intimate photo”

“Some of my favourite photos are when I’m having a bit of a laugh. Funnily enough they end up turning out the best and can be the most memorable.”

“I also like to capture the mountainscapes and fells in my photos because they are just as amazing as the lake.”

“The lakeside gazebo lit to perfection with twinkly lights, sparklers and snow makes for a perfect backdrop.”

“Perfectly clear days, no matter what the season, are always lovely to capture and really highlights the beauty of the location”

“This image has captured a truly magical day for this lucky couple and the amazing snowy weather.”

James Hicks Photography

“Festive weddings are some of my favourite to capture. I love the way the Christmas lights out the front of the building sparkle and illuminate the couple”

“I love seeing couples having fun! I think if people feel at ease and have a bit of a laugh then it makes for the best wedding photos.”

Chris Freer

“No wedding day is complete without a really great picture of the venue. It lets couples and their guests look back and remember not just the location, but the team and everyone involved. Oh, and I do love a drone shot”

Chris Freer Photography

“I love capturing real moments at people’s weddings especially during speeches like in this shot.”

Chris Freer Photography

“I love sunny weather shots. Capturing natural images of people is a very important part of my photography.”

Chris Freer Photography

“I also like a great indoors shot. There is certainly less running around and the atmosphere when people finally get the opportunity to sit down and relax is great.”

Chris Freer Photography

“Of course, I love a pooch shot too!”

Chris Freer Photography


Eftal – Ladybirds Photography

“I like to add a little bit of magic to my photos, which makes an already stunning venue just that bit more spectacular!”

“I am also a big fan of an evening photo. Usually everyone is having a great time and are much more at ease after the day’s events and I think it’s the perfect opportunity to capture some intimate moments.”