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By on December 5th, 2017

How to create the prefect Christmas table arrangement

For many, the Christmas decorations will have gone up on the 1st December, making your home look and feel festive, putting everyone into the Christmas spirit. If you fancy doing something a little different this year but you need some inspiration, we’ve teamed up with Evergreens of Keswick to show you how to make the perfect Christmas table arrangement.

Debra and Andrew from Evergreens have been specialising in flower arrangements for many years, from simple floral gifts to impressive arrangement for weddings, parties and much more. With their help you could really wow your dinner guests this year with a Christmas table arrangement that really captures the beauty of the season.

Get all the family involved… 

Christmas time equals family time, whether you’re a family who like to play Christmas games, hang stockings in front of the fire, or bake delicious festive treats, working together to create a Christmas table arrangement could be your new annual Christmas activity.

Create your stunning Christmas table decoration using the following items which are easily available, if you struggle to find any of the items Evergreens have plenty to chose from…

Oasis wreath ring | Rose gold candle holder | Rose gold pillar candle | Scissors | Knife | Secateurs | Stub wire | Spruce | Moss | Dried hydrangea | Cinnamon sticks | Small gold baubles | Glittered cones | Dried orange slices | Coloured birch twigs

Debra’s TOP TIP

Use plenty of lovely foliage’s from your garden if possible and make use of the unwanted branches from the bottom of your Christmas tree. Try not to make your table arrangement too bulky or too tall, otherwise it will take up too much of the table or obstruct people’s views of each other, just simply have a go and enjoy being creative.

 Watch this short clip and follow the simple steps to create your own amazing display this Christmas


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