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By on September 15th, 2017

Don’t Ewe Get Sheepish!

Daryl Ross, wedding co-ordinator at the Lodore Falls Hotel, has seen a few sheepish encounters at weddings throughout her time at the hotel, and wanted to share her tales with you.

Here at the Lodore Falls, we’ve had a couple of eccentric brides and grooms, but that’s what makes my job so fun. To keep guests entertained at weddings, couples go out of their way to ensure there is something for everyone, whether that’s hiring comedians, caricaturists, bird of prey displays or even including sheep somewhere within the wedding. Sheep, funnily enough, seem to be the one reoccurring delight within many couples’ wedding day!

Paul Murray Photography

Now of course, we are located in the Lake District, so seeing sheep on a daily basis isn’t anything new for us. But involving them in your wedding day is a completely different matter! Each time, it began with calling up the registrar and having a conversation somewhere along the lines of, “peculiar question, but would you mind if we had a sheep walk down the aisle?” which potentially raised further questions of, “I’m sorry, but you don’t mean your fiancé, right!?”

We jumped at the chance of including sheep in each celebration, because the staff get as excited as the guests. The milder version was a few guests enjoying watching a herd of sheep cross over Watendleth whilst they walked down to the Lodore Jetty for a boat ride.

Photo by Stuart Holmes Photography

Above that, was the cutest little lamb being looked after by it’s very own Mary, while the bride & groom along with their guests petted it with sheer delight. The most intriguing event however, was when a gorgeous couple decided they would like their rings brought down the aisle by not a page boy or bridesmaid, but a very handsome sheep!

Photo by Derwent Photography

As this woolly fellow walked through the hotel, from the back all the way to the front, (so the unsuspecting guests wouldn’t see him!) we all held our breath for potential mishaps. As usual, The Lodore Falls staff were all prepared for any outcome, and willing to get involved. Some of us even got the chance to walk him! Eventually he made it down the aisle without any traumas or attitude problems (apparently sheep can be a little temperamental…) and the guests loved it. A tale to tell for years to come!

So, if you are looking to involve some form of woolly, furry or feathered animal on your big day, look no further than the Lodore… we are more than happy to host your creature filled wedding day and are always looking for couples to top the last extravagance!

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