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The Marble Run at the Inn on the Lake


The Inn on the Lake is currently playing host to a fabulous interactive kinetic sculpture commissioned by Eden Rivers Trust, perfectly positioned on part of the front lawn of the Hotel the natural wooden curves of the sculpture blend perfectly with the rugged landscape and dramatic fells surrounding Glenridding. However, this sculpture not only impresses the eye but tells the dramatic story of our natural world and the personal stories of victims of the 2015 floods.

The story of the Marble Run River sculpture

The Sculpture was created by artists Charlie Whinney and Nick Greenall, in addition with the steadfast involvement from learners from NACRO and the Senior Youth Club at Carlisle Youth Zone. Together they have taken great pride in creating this beautiful, yet playful piece of kinetic art. The Sculpture has recently been hosted by Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery in Carlisle and appeared on Border TV, and aims to educate those who interact with it by showing how nature itself can be used to ease the flow of the river through natural processes; such as additional bends in the river, and natural waterway obstructions to ultimately provide a natural river management system.

The human element of the sculpture runs deep throughout the piece, with engravings of flood victim’s personal experiences carved into the sweeping woodwork of the sculpture. These accounts all too fresh for those who recall them, provide a real sense of context to the sculpture and a strong reminder of nature’s brutal capacity.

In prime position

In prime position

Local community involvement

Eden Rivers Trust has worked previously with Patterdale School from a local education perspective, and once again they joined forces on Wednesday the 7th of December as the school pupils came to visit the sculpture and learn about river management from the team at Eden Rivers Trust.

With a footprint of 10m x 4m the Sculpture is great to see in person and it stands commandingly at 2.5 m at its highest point, the main attraction of the sculpture and one the children from Patterdale school were keen to enjoy is you can roll a marble down the sculpture placing strategic obstructions to slow the progress of your marble, watching how the natural meanders ease the pace as they follow the course of the wooden river.

The run

The wooden flow of the sculpture

Get involved

This interaction is for everybody who comes down and marbles are available from the hotel reception at Inn on the Lake. All voluntary donations for these can be made to Patterdale Parish Flood Group.

If you would roll a few marbles down the run yourself, it is only on the front lawn of Inn on the Lake until the 18th of December so don’t delay.

Any further information regarding the Inn on the Lake can be found here or by calling: 017684 82444

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