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By on March 24th, 2016

Meet Matt Collins, General Manager at the Lodore Falls Hotel

Matt Collins General Manager at the Lodore Falls Hotel

Matt Collins has been the General Manager at the Lodore Falls Hotel in the beautiful Borrowdale Valley since Summer 2015. Matt is committed and willing to do whatever it takes to make the Lodore Falls successful, recognised for his positive interactions with others, Matt has created a powerful team. We’ve asked Matt a few questions to give our followers an insight into the life of Matt Collins.


What’s the best part of your job?

The Lodore is such a special place to work, the location is simply spectacular. Every day when I drive to work the scenery is always different, the seasons unfold in front of you and when I walk up to the doors I always look back at the fells and smile. Our industry is all about people and you are only ever as good as the people who work for you, working for a family that really cares about our team and guests I find refreshing too.  I’m am so lucky, I get to work and chat to amazing people on a daily basis, I met my best friend 15 years ago at work, Louise my wife.

View from the Lodore Falls Hotel

View from the Lodore Falls Hotel

What’s the hardest thing about what you do?

Work life balance. I have learnt over the years that you need an understanding partner and we embrace the job as part of our lives. On special occasions like Christmas we all enjoy coming in for lunch and boys love all the attention they receive from our guests, next year they will be old enough to come along at New Year.

What do you love about the Lake District? 

My favourite place is Latrigg, we lived in Keswick 30 years ago, my Father worked at The Lodore too as an Assistant Manager. At the age of 10 I have fond memories of walking up and sliding down there with my older brother, something my Mum & Dad used to tell us off as our jeans always got mucky.

Taken from the top of Latrigg, overlooking Keswick and Derwentwater

Taken from the top of Latrigg, overlooking Keswick and Derwentwater

Would you want to change anything about the Lake District?

Nothing, that is what makes it such a wonderful place.

What other career would you have liked to pursue?

Motor racing driver or Weatherman

What can’t you do without, and why? 

My family, they make me happy.

What would you do with a spare £1 million? 

I would ensure my children have a nest egg for when they are older to help buy a property and invest some money into starting a micro brewery.

What do you hope to get done before the end of the day? 

Empty email inbox

What would you wish your epitaph to be? 

A loving father and husband who enjoyed his life to the full

Last text you sent?

Happy Christmas to my sister from 2014, I don’t text!

Tipple of choice?

Hennessy XO, really is an amazing Cognac, I adore the cacao aftertaste and the warmth you get in your chest. I visited Cognac in 1993 with College and was introduced to their full range along with a comprehensive tour, ever since I always keep a bottle in the house.

What is your desktop screen saver?

Lodore Water Fall at work, family photo on my IPad

The Lodore Falls

The Lodore Falls

What have you got series linked?

I don’t watch TV very much but enjoy Drama’s like ‘The Night Manager’ or ‘Doctor Who’

How would you spend a full ‘day off?’

The perfect day off is a Sunday; Get up early, make bacon butties for us all, along with freshly squeezed oranges. Pack a lunch, usually a extra mature cheddar and salad cream sandwich. Put a lamb joint in the oven for slow cooking, along with some root vegetables.

Then head off to the fells, we tend to do different ones each time, build stick and stone towers, if it is nice paddle or swim. Take my Lotus Elise along some of the fantastic roads around Cumbria, the boys take it turns to come.

Open and enjoy a bottle of Chateau Musar, light the log burner, watch a family movie, we take it in turns to choose. Serve up dinner, local cheeses then white chocolate mountain, a dessert my wife makes, reading with my boys and then cosy up on the settee with my wife.

If you could travel in time, where would you go?

1940 to meet the Grandad I never met who died in the war, he was a brewer by trade.

What’s your most treasured possession?

My wedding ring

What question have you always wanted to know the answer to?

Is there life on another planet?

What are your favourite websites?

BBC Weather


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