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By on June 8th, 2019

Meet the Lodore Falls Wedding Team!

The wedding team at the Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa go above and beyond to deliver your perfect wedding day. Plus, with many years’ combined experience, it comes as no surprise that all our newlyweds leave satisfied.

We recently caught up with the Lodore Falls wedding team to learn a bit more about them, hear about their experiences in their individual roles and they also kindly shared their top tips to guide couples through the stressful wedding planning process!


Nicolle, Wedding Co-ordinator

Nicolle is our skilled Wedding Co-ordinator who has been with us since October 2018. She has dealt with events for the last 8 years and she has a real knack for bringing people’s plans to life.

She made the shift to focus specifically on weddings when she joined our team last year, as this was the area she was most passionate about and wanted to make others feel just as happy as she did on her own wedding day.

Her biggest love of her job is meeting couples throughout the various stages of the planning process and seeing their vision turned into a reality right before their eyes. Nicolle will be your first port of call throughout the whole wedding planning process.

“There really is no greater feeling than seeing people’s faces on their big day when they see that everything has come perfectly together.”

Nicolle’s attention to detail, friendliness & organisational skills ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Lodore Falls Wedding team

Fun facts about our Wedding Co-ordinator:

The five things Nicolle couldn’t live without are: her phone, music, chocolate, a cup of tea and her loving husband who also doubles as her travel buddy. Please note, she is an avid traveller so do be sure to ask about Nicolle’s many adventures when you meet her!

Nicolle married her husband in September 2017 in her hometown based in Lincolnshire. It was Nicolle’s dream to have her wedding ceremony in the quaint church she attended while growing up – which is exactly what she did.

The pair’s travelling adventures served as a very appropriate theme for their big day, with their reception tables being named after destinations they have visited. The theming also included: luggage tag place cards, a table plan designed on a world map and their wedding cake which represented different places they have visited – including a globe top tier!


Lodore Wedding Co-ordinator

Nicolle’s top wedding planning tip:

At the start of the wedding planning process, select the 4 things that are most important to you (e.g. food, music, etc.) and focus on them when you feel overwhelmed. This is your special day and it can be easy to lose sight of the type of day you really want when there is so much preparation involved and so many people to organise!”



Matt, General Manager

Matt keeps everything running smoothly at the Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa in his very important role as General Manager. His job involves lots of different tasks relating to hotel operations, however he plays a very important role when it comes to wedding planning too.

He has been a member of the Lodore Falls team since July 2015 and it has been 28 years since he worked on his first wedding at the tender age of 16. Two years later, he stepped into the role of wedding planner where he gained his first ever experience actually running his own wedding. He has been working with weddings ever since, so you know you’re in capable hands when dealing with Matt!

“I love my job because I truly care about my team and the guests. I just want everyone to have the day they’ve always dreamed of.”

Matt couldn’t help but tell us about a couple of the most memorable weddings he has experienced during his time at the Lodore:

One of the quirkiest things I have seen in my job was a time when a sheep actually came down the aisle. There was also one wedding where an owl delivered the ring… it did initially fly into a window during the practice attempt but it all worked out okay on the big day!”

Lodore Falls Wedding team

Fun facts about our General Manager

Matt is a lover of cars, especially his own Lotus which is his pride and joy. Therefore, when we asked Matt what the five things he couldn’t live without were, his answers included: his wife Louise, his children, brandy, outdoor walking and (unsurprisingly) his “fun car”!

He married his wife in Alderly Edge, which is half way between his home and his wife’s parents’ house. It was the best day of his life and he remembers it fondly, not just for the marriage itself, but for it being full of fabulous food and wine which they enjoyed with close family members.

Their wedding cake was bright yellow and shaped just like his own Lotus… Louise was not amused until she saw the real wedding cake that was wheeled out after her initial reaction!


Lodore General Manager

Matt’s top wedding planning tip:

“Make a list! There are so many different aspects to a wedding including minor details that you may forget. I would really recommend making a list of every little thing you remember that needs planning and then cross them off once you’ve got them sorted.”



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