Students from Keswick School enjoy pasta cookery demonstration

As part of a two year support project, which has seen Lake District Hotels raise over £8,500 towards the development of Keswick School’s food technology kitchen; recently saw one of our Sous Chefs host a pasta cookery demonstration at the school for a group of year 10 Hospitality and Catering students, aged 14 and 15.

We are keen to host a number of cookery demonstrations at the school as we feel it’s a great way to engage with the students on a professional level, with the overall aim to encourage more students to take up careers within the hospitality industry. Earlier in the year a pancake demonstration took place at the school, which saw the Inn on the Square’s Head Chef share his trusty one cup recipe and fun educational pancake facts with the students to make delicious pancakes.

This has followed on with Terrance Davies, Sous Chef at the Lodore Falls Hotel, demonstrating how to make pasta dough from scratch, highlighting the importance of kneading, rolling and shaping the dough, as well as the best techniques to preserve the dough until ready to use. Pasta fillings, along with a tasty tomato based sauce were prepared in an earlier class, ready to use as part of the demonstration.

Once Terrance had finished his demonstration, the students got hands-on to create their own shapes, sizes, adding a filling of choice. At the end of the demonstration there was enough time left to sample the pasta, with some of the students making extra to take home to their parents. Mrs Mather, Food Technology teacher at Keswick School commented, “It’s great for students to see a professional chef in action and pasta making will be a good skill for them to use in their practical assessment in year 11. I’d like to thank Lake District Hotels for their continued support and a big thank you to Terrance.”