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By on March 20th, 2019

Love is in the Air at our Keswick Hotels

It seems that Cupid has been working overtime at our Keswick hotels these past few months. We chat to two of the Skiddaw Hotel’s long standing staff members Julia & Matt about their recent engagement.

How long have you both worked here at the Skiddaw Hotel?

Matt: I’ve been here at the Skiddaw for almost 4 years.

Julia: And I’ve been here since 2013, so 6 years this year!

What is your favourite part about working at the Skiddaw Hotel?

Matt: I think it’s all about the people at the Skiddaw Hotel, that’s what makes it so special.

Julia: Yeah definitely. The Skiddaw Hotel is like a family with all of our staff and regulars.

“Working together is a test for many couples but we love it!”


How do you both enjoy working with each other as a couple?

Julia: We both really enjoy it, we work really well together as a team which is great especially on a really busy night behind the bar!

Matt: Yeah, I think we’ve learnt to switch off from work when we leave which really helps. We try our best to leave work at the door and enjoy our time together outside of the hotel as well as during our shifts.

Julia: Working together is a real test for many couples but we love it and it’s made us stronger together!

“It’s all about the people at the Skiddaw Hotel, that’s what makes it so special”

So, was it love at first sight?

Matt: Yes!

Julia: Well.. he had to wear me down a bit! He asked me out for drinks a few times before we went out on a proper date. When he took me for a spa day, that’s when he wore me down, haha!

How did Matt pop the question?

Julia: He proposed on Christmas day! I went through my stocking and he’d put a ring box right at the bottom.

What are your wedding plans?

Matt: We’re getting married here of course! The hotel is like our second home so there is nowhere else we would rather have it.

Julia: We’re hoping to get married Summer 2020. Matt really wants a big ‘do’. I think it’s so he can wear his best frock haha!

“The hotel is like our second home”



Matt and Julia’s happy news is one of two recent engagements in our Keswick Hotels, after Casa’s Sports Barman Dan proposed to housekeeper Sophie from the Skiddaw Hotel. We’re also very pleased to announce Head Receptionist, Agnes and Duty Manager Kris from the Kings Arms are expecting their second baby this year. Congratulations all!





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