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By on April 25th, 2014

Agatha Christie Interactive Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre Experience

Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie is as synonymous with murder mystery as Miss Marple is with St Mary Mead or Hercule Poirot is with his little grey cells, so it is a wonder why the Queen of Crime and the experience of murder mystery dinner events have never crossed paths. That is until now.

For the first time ever Agatha Christie Limited has allowed her characters and stories to be featured in a live interactive event. With permission granted from Agatha Christie’s family trust and from Agatha Christie Limited it has been confirmed that After Dark Entertainments are the company to bring Tommy & Tuppence to life in a brand new exclusive ‘Interactive Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre Experience’ in exclusive venues around the UK.

The George Hotel in Penrith is to become the first place in Cumbria to stage an Official Agatha Christie Murder Mystery evening, not only that but the hotel will hold the UK Premiere to the show, taking place Saturday 31st May 2014.

Murder Mystery nights have been immensely popular at the George Hotel during the last few years, Hotel manager, Justin Wales says, “We are over the moon to have secured this event in Cumbria and to hold the UK Premiere to the Officially Licensed Agatha Christie Murder Mystery evenings. The evening has a cast of 8 actors and will take place in the Georgian Ballroom – a stunningly perfect location for the show which is set in the late 1920’s/30’s.

Ben Muir, Director of After Dark Entertainments discusses adapting Tommy and Tuppence for a murder mystery dinner experience; ‘The depth of research that has been put into this project is second to none, not only at the stage of writing but also by the actors who play the characters’. ‘There is such a rich source material to draw from with the characters involved in the Agatha Christie universe, especially Tommy & Tuppence who Agatha aged in real time as the books progressed. We wanted to ensure when presenting the show that fans recognised the characters they were interacting with and have a real sense that stood before them are Tommy & Tuppence and even Albert’

The event will be appearing at exclusive venues around the UK in 2014 and is presented alongside a three course meal. The mystery unfolds between courses and guests will get the opportunity to question the witnesses to the crime, examine the physical evidence and compare notes with Tommy & Tuppence as the evening progresses.


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