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By on May 13th, 2016

Top Tips on Fauxquets (Fake & unusual bouquets)

Wedding Bouquets

Daryl Ross Wedding Co-ordinator at the Lodore Falls HotelDaryl Ross, wedding co-ordinator at the Lodore Falls Hotel, is passionate about helping brides create the perfect wedding day and wanted to share with you her thoughts on Fauxquets (Fake & unusual bouquets)

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Here at Lodore, we have seen many quirky ideas across all weddings, but one aspect that brides don’t seem to play around with is their bouquets. Many people seem to stay with a traditional flower bouquet which are of course beautiful and traditional, but bouquets really are something that you can modernise and put your own twist on.

The only problem with floral arrangements is that they don’t last. Many try to keep the flowers alive for as long as possible before pressing them, trying to have a keepsake of the beauty in their wedding. With a bouquet that is made from non-perishable items, it would be easier to have a physical memory from your wedding years to come. Suffer from Hay fever? Then paper or fabric flowers may be the choice going forward. You could have your fake flowers looking as real or as crazy as you would like, in any colour you could imagine. This choice would also ensure that your bouquet would be light and easier to carry around, although be careful of rainy days! Paper could get wet and damaged.

For beach themed weddings (whether or not you’re in Hawaii), a bouquet consisting of shells of all shapes and sizes, seagrass and fake star fish would look fabulous and give a nod to your upcoming sun filled honeymoon. For summer weddings that aren’t by the sea, going for a more unusual singular flower bouquet is a striking but still slightly traditional way of adding flair to your outfit. Try a giant sunflower, singular lily, or Glamelia rose. Well, any Glamelia flower actually, these are specially made to be gigantic versions of normal flowers.

Autumn is full of golds, oranges and reds so why not add to it with your bouquet. Use apples, tiny pumpkins and dried sliced fruit to tie in to the classic themes of October, it’s a good cliché to play on. For winter weddings, there are so many options, a sleigh-full! Simplicity is a fauxquet of pine cones or a singular, beautiful snowflake (plastic of course!). You could go a little more memorable by using baubles, creating a bouquet as plain or as intricate as you would like.

Lodore Falls has many contacts and suppliers to help you create your perfect bouquet accessory for your dress. Please contact us on 017687 87711 or email  weddings.lodorefalls@lakedistricthotels.net for help and advice.



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