Why visit the Lake District in Autumn?

Although many people want to head to the Lake District during the Summer months, we’re here to convince you that the golden season of Autumn is in fact the best time to visit the Lake District.

Autumn is the time of year where the stunning Lake District scenery really begins to stand out; it’s the time when the many trees and mountains don their most vibrant hues, a time for cosy, woolly knits and warm drinks that soothe the soul. But it’s not just the scenery that’s a great reason to visit the Lake District in Autumn…

So, if you’re currently thinking about booking your Summer holiday to the Lake District, read on and you might just be swayed to book for the crisp, Autumnal months of October and November instead.

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1)     The scenery is at its most spectacular

We have already mentioned how mesmerizing the Lake District scenery becomes in Autumn, which is so spectacular you simply have to see it with your own eyes to truly appreciate its magnificence.

Imagine leaves of gold, scarlet and amber, babbling brooks and comforting waterfalls.


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2)     Soothing warm drinks

There’s no denying that Autumn tends to have a nip in the air at the best of times, which is always an enjoyable experience when you have a warm drink in hand.

Sip on luxurious hot chocolates topped with marshmallows and cream and watch the steam rise from your mug. Enjoy a comforting glass of mulled cider and feel the warmth trickle down your throat and warm you up from the inside.

Enjoy a complimentary treat from our Autumn Menu when you book on one of our Autumn Offers!


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3)     Charming countryside pubs & hotels

Is there anything more idyllic than a quaint, countryside pub or a provincial hotel nestled in the heart of the Lake District scenery?

Whether it’s a crisp, Autumnal day or you get caught in a shower, there is no finer feeling than settling down next to a cosy fireplace with a pint in hand.

The Lake District is full of welcoming pubs, bars and lounges to relax in and the atmosphere really comes alive during the Autumn months.


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4)     Crunchy leaves

The satisfying crunch of a bright red leaf that has fallen from the trees has to be one of the simplest but best things about Autumn.

Luckily for you, the Lake District is coated with an abundance of trees and has an excellent selection of woodland walks where you can truly take advantage of this simple pleasure in life!

Some of our favourite woodland walks include a gentle stroll to Aira Force, a circular lap of Derwentwater lake and the many trails that can be found at Whinlatter Forest.

6 Hiking Trails You NEED to Experience in the Lake District →

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5)     Hiking feels easier

If you’re a keen hiker or you’ve never been up a fell before in your life, it’s well known that hiking in the summer heat is hard! Shedding layers to cool yourself down, only to be stuck carrying various clothing items can be very irritating when trying to enjoy the scenery.

During the Autumn, the temperatures are cooler but still not as cold as the height of winter. Plus, you warm up when walking, so hiking tends to feel like a much less arduous task; it gives you that much appreciated happy medium. 


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6)     Avoid the crowds

Since kids are back to school and many people are busy at work, Autumn in the Lake District tends to see less crowds compared to Spring and Summer months.

This not only means you can walk around more freely, but also the roads and parking are quieter too. Queues are shorter and getting a table for lunch or dinner isn’t as tough a task as it can be in Summer.

For this reason, spending Autumn in the Lake District is absolutely the best time to truly appreciate the serenity of the area.


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Autumn Accommodation Offers

If we’ve convinced you that Autumn in the Lake District is the best time to visit, perhaps our Autumn Offers might be of interest to you!

Autumn Offer

Available on stays from the 1st October – 5th November 2023.

Prices from £129

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All 6 of our family-owned hotels are ideally located near the most popular Lake District attractions, walks and views. We’re also dog friendly so you can bring your dogs along too. One dog stays free in October, an extra dog can be booked on for £15 per night.

Click here to book our Autumn Offers.

*’Prices from’ based on rates at the Kings Arms Hotel, Keswick.