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Winter Wedding Blog

Daryl Ross, wedding co-ordinator at the Lodore Falls Hotel, is passionate about helping brides create the perfect wedding day and wanted to share her memories with you from our 2016 weddings.

You can organise a show round at the Lodore Falls Hotel with Daryl by calling 017687 77285

It’s almost Christmas, and also almost the end of 2016! I have to say, it has been a very exciting year for me working at Lodore Falls, and I have loved helping each and every bride & groom, you have all been wonderful. My last blog of the year is just one looking back on 2016, one from the point of view of a brand new, eager, and somewhat slightly scared wedding coordinator.

I started my job as The Lodore Falls wedding coordinator in October 2015, and truthfully, it has had its difficulties. It began with starting back up communication with everyone, calling you all, emailing you, meeting you all in person, trying to show you that I was there to work for you and try my best to be the person you could depend on. And, possibly, accidentally, showing you that I was perhaps a little eccentric…

As spring led through to summer, I was getting to know you all so much better. So much so, that once you were married and swanning off on honeymoons (leaving me in rainy Cumbria much to my dismay) I started to miss you all. That feeling carried on all the way through to this December, and will start once again in 2017.

This job is so fun, but also slightly strange. You get to really know a couple, from how you were engaged to where you live, what your likes are, your dislikes, meeting your friends, families, pets… and then you’re married and gone! Every so often I receive a link for photographs, or you come back for your anniversary, and it is honestly perfectly lovely to see you again. We also very often receive thank you cards, which makes my job so worthwhile, to know that we were part of making your big day so special.

We’ve had so many different types of couples get married here at Lodore, and it makes the job so interesting and keeps us on our toes. There’s an array of standout weddings, from the beginning of the year up until now. We’ve had Harry Potter themed weddings with a huge cake and amazing decorations, a silent disco in our gazebo accompanied by sofas and chairs sat on the hillside, a sheep bringing the rings down the aisle with a bird of prey show afterwards, a bride performing yoga poses in her wedding dress, a horse drawn carriage going down the Borrowdale road…. Just to name a few! We love the wild and wonderful ideas you all come up with and its so much fun to help you pull it all off on the day.

With my first year over, and my final bride and groom marrying on the 29th, I’m really enjoying going through all of your pictures and remembering your wedding day with us. I have really enjoyed working with you all, and being part of your wedding day. I sincerely hope you are all doing well, and that you’ll come back to visit all of us here at Lodore Falls very soon. And, a little note to my future brides and grooms, I am looking forward to getting to know you all just as well!

Thank you,


For more ideas and help with planning your wedding, contact the Lodore Falls wedding team on weddings.lodorefalls@lakedistricthotels.net or 017687 77285


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