Borrowdale Rainforest: A New National Nature Reserve

Running alongside beautiful Derwentwater, you will find the scenic Borrowdale Valley. It has recently been announced that the Borrowdale Rainforest is set to be declared as a National Nature Reserve (NNR) by the National Trust and Natural England. This initiative is part of the ‘King’s Series of National Nature Reserves’ and promises to preserve and celebrate the natural and cultural heritage of this significant valley for generations to come.

The Borrowdale Valley is renowned for experiencing the highest rainfall in England, the level of wetness is equal to that of a tropical rainforest – without the heat and humidity of course! Due to this, you can expect to find whole lot of greenery in the shape of lush, lively woodlands perfect for exploring.

This newly delegated 721 hectare is made up of a variety of habitats vital to the survival of declining species of birds such as the Redstart, Pied Flycatcher, and the Tree Pipit. These birds have found the perfect home within the ancient Sessile Oaks which have stood strong on the banks of Derwentwater for hundreds of years.

Conserving this area is considered of high importance due to the rarity of the environment that can be found here, which you would be lucky to discover anywhere else in England. Plans are being put into place by an established conservation charity to enhance the existing pathway creating a clearer, more distinct route. This is in the hope to make this unique phenomenon increasingly accessible for locals and visitors to enjoy for many generations to come.

The Borrowdale Valley

Despite being home to this unique rainforest, Borrowdale does see a lot of glorious sunshine in the valley, especially in the summer and there are so many ways to enjoy it. Take a leisurely stroll around Derwentwater, or perhaps take to the waters on a paddleboard or aboard Keswick Launch. With so many iconic locations, there is never a shortage of things to see, visit places like Lodore Falls waterfall, Ashness Bridge and Surprise View.

The Borrowdale Hotel

After renovations in 2023, the Borrowdale Hotel has achieved the perfect balance of modern elegance whilst maintaining the historic character that the hotel is renowned for. Since opening its doors as one of the first Coaching Inns in 1866, the establishment has held a firm reputation for fine hospitality.

The hotel is a snug retreat with several fireplaces to cosy up beside after a busy day exploring all the scenic surroundings that the Borrowdale Valley has to offer. The hotel houses three tranquil lounges, an elegant restaurant that oozes class and sophistication, and a light-filled conservatory with beautiful views of the garden where you will find a magnificent Magnolia tree. The kitchen team has recently welcomed an award-winning Head Chef with a list of impressive accolades; he plans to reinvent the Borrowdale Hotel as a foodie destination and his food is impeccable.

Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa

This celebrity hot-spot destination has just undergone a £2.5 million refurbishment project that has left the hotel feeling every bit of modern luxury. With influence from Denmark and Scandinavia, drawing from the heritage of the Lake District Hotel Group’s Directors, there is a note of international chic throughout the new interior. The Lodore Falls Hotel & Spanamed after the on-site Lodore Falls waterfall, is situated in a quiet corner of the Borrowdale Valley; it is a sight to behold nestled in stunning landscapes that embody natural beauty.

Home to award-winning the Falls Spa, take a journey to discover what true relaxation feels like. With state-of-the-art facilities and a plethora of fantastic treatments available, feel yourself transported to a state of complete bliss.

Also harbouring the 2022 Golden Chopsticks ‘Best Restaurant in England’ award-winner, Mizu Pan Asian Restaurant, you can experience a real treat for the senses. Indulge in a selection of Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai specialities, intricately curated by our expert team of chefs to create a sensational dining experience.

As part of recent renovations, the hotel has just unveiled the brand-new Falls Brasserie which emanates an aura of casual elegance and stands testament to culinary excellence. The restaurant seamlessly blends sophistication with the natural splendour of the Borrowdale Valley. A whole new kitchen and restaurant needs a whole new menu, which has been created to mix traditional British cuisine with a contemporary flair.