Lake District Celebration Packages

Living in a world where daily life is filled with chaos, it is always nice to take a moment to celebrate with our loved ones. It is important that we celebrate the positive, whether it is: a personal milestone, a cultural tradition, a great achievement or even just an excuse for a reunion! These special occasions hold immense value that goes beyond mere festivity; they serve as a reminder of what we hold dear in life.

It is no secret that organising group events can be stressful. You must decide what to do, find a venue, agree on a budget, buy decorations – all the while hoping that all group members are replying to your messages. This should not dissuade you from going ahead with making plans; the positives far outweigh the negatives!

Celebrating in a place with beautiful scenery helps to enhance your experience and allows memories to remain even more everlasting. It has a positive impact on your senses and promotes a reduction in stress and a promotion in mental wellbeing. Why not celebrate in the Lake District with one of our celebration packages?

Celebrate a special occasion in the Lake District

Our unique Celebration Packages for 10 or more people are designed to suit all budgets and special occasions. 

The exciting part is that they require minimal effort from your end! We will take care of everything, so you can rest assured that on the day you can switch off and enjoy spending stress-free time with your loved ones.

Our Lake District Celebration Package includes:

          A welcome host who will take care of your party throughout the event.

          Glass of Champagne OR Prosecco on arrival*

          4 course meal

          ½ bottle of house wine per person

          Tea, coffee, & petit fours to finish

          Balloons and flowers bespoke to your event

* Please note, the welcome drink is dependent on the package you book.


Terms & Conditions: Upgrades available. Must be booked at least 7 days prior with full payment made at the time of booking, subject to availability. Please note: We do not allow any kind of wedding celebration to be booked on this package apart from anniversaries. Extra guests can be paid for, this is also subject to availability. Prices start from £100 per person. To see the menu, please contact the hotel directly.

Which Lake District Package is best for you?

Mizu – This is our must-visit pan-Asian restaurant based at our Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa, a stone’s throw away from the stunning Lake Derwent Water. If you enjoy indulging your tastebuds with vibrant flavours, Mizu promises an unforgettable culinary experience as winner of the 2022 Golden Chopsticks Award for ‘Best Restaurant in England’.

Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa – In our Lake View Restaurant, you can experience a beautiful menu where the use of local produce is highly encouraged. Benefit from our unique views of the picturesque Lake Derwent Water and find yourself wrapped in serenity whilst you eat. If you would like to book a private room for a more intimate vibe, we have the Cascade and the Derwent Suite available.

Skiddaw Hotel – The in-house restaurant, Brasserie 31, offers a memorable dining experience with a varied menu, meaning it has something to offer everyone. For a private, more intimate event, you can also book the Greta Suite when there is a party bigger than ten people in an elegant setting.

Inn on the Lake – The Lake View Restaurant here has an emphasis on a menu which prioritises the use of local produce. The views of Ullswater Lake here are truly unmatched, enjoy the stunning surroundings and allow the natural, awe-inducing scenery to highlight the specialness of your celebration. There is also the option of using a private room in the Candleroom and the Glenridding Suite.

Borrowdale Hotel – Our newly refurbished restaurant here offers an elegant dining experience with all things luxurious. Come and see our stunning, unique walk-in wine cellar which displays our collection proudly. Decorated beautifully throughout, our restaurant has a modern and stylistic vibe which aids you in indulging your senses. 

Inn on the Square – Brossen Steakhouse is our award-winning restaurant based in the heart of Keswick. You do not want to miss the opportunity to taste our spectacular meat selection. With our locally sourced menu and wide selection of fine wines, you truly won’t regret holding your celebration here! For a private room, there is the option of booking the Hidey Hole, when there is a party bigger than ten people.

How do I book a Lake District Celebration Package

Now you have found the perfect Lake District Celebration Package for you, please contact us using the following details and a member of the team will assist you with your booking:

Why should you celebrate a special occasion?

Have you got a special occasion coming up? Maybe you aren’t sure how to celebrate, or even if you should celebrate? Well, here are some reasons why you SHOULD celebrate:

  • Creating Memories: Memories serve to form our identity, emotions and weave our connections with others. They act as an archive for our experiences, enabling us to relive joyful and meaningful events long after they have passed. We can nurture our relationships with our memories as they provide shared stories and bonding experiences with those we love. They enrich our lives and give them purpose.


  • Creating Traditions: Celebrating a milestone or achievement encourages unity and inclusivity within a family, it enables a sense of belonging and a shared identity among relatives. Traditions provide consistency and stability, especially during times of change and uncertainty. It also offers an opportunity for bonding which surpasses generational divides.


  • Promoting Wellbeing: Celebrating special occasions allows us to feel a large variety of positive emotions such as joy, excitement, pride, peace and tranquility. It provides us with a break from routine, taking us into a world where our stressors and responsibilities can be left behind for a short while so we can temporarily feel relief and lightness. We are also reminded to appreciate the supportive circle that exists around us.


  • Marking Milestones: This allows us a period of reflection and renewal as we acknowledge our achievements and progress. We can measure how far we have come and reignite our motivation to continue our self-development in the future. It helps us to gain a sense of accomplishment, boosting self-esteem and find inspiration to set new goals.