Enjoy a feast from the East with our new Mizu menu

The brand new Mizu menu has been live and kicking for a whole week now, and what an exceptional reception we’ve gotten from it! This is the first menu update since the restaurant opened in May 2018, providing guests with even more exotic flavours from the Far East!

Lake District Hotels’ Executive Head Chef, Mark Harris, teamed up with Mizu Pan-Asian Restaurant Head Chef, Kasun Jayasooriya as they put their heads together to provide the Lake District with a foodie experience unlike ever before.


new Mizu menu


Head chef Kasun, who is originally from Sri Lanka, has cooking in his veins. After finding a passion for Japanese cuisine from a tender age with thanks to his elder sister, Kasun moved to Tokyo where his culinary expertise started to take flight.

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Our 5 most popular dishes:

  1. Lamb Shank Rogan Josh

This can be found from our menu section entitled ‘From the Motherland’, where we got our chefs to share their favourite dishes from back home or from their travels through Asia. This spicy curry dish originates from India and is served with sticky rice and flatbread.

new Mizu menu

  1. Parippu Fish Curry

Another popular plate ‘From the Motherland’, this flavoursome curry is a Sri-Lankan speciality. Complete with delicious pan-fried cod and curried chickpea and lentil dahl, the Parippu Curry is also served with sticky rice and flatbread.

new Mizu menu

  1. Katsu Curry

The classic Katsu Curry (chicken or vegetable) was one of the most popular dishes on our old menu, we just had to include it on the new one. This Japanese curry is more on the mild side, but is still jam-packed with exciting flavours that will make your taste-buds dance.

new Mizu menu

  1. Kara Miso Seafood Nabe

For those who are unfamiliar with Asian cuisine, this dish is a Japanese seafood stew which is full to the brim with diverse flavours that nicely complement each other. The dish is traditionally for sharing, however whether you decide to do so is at your own discretion.

  1. Ginger & Garlic Grilled Chicken

Another dish that was too popular to leave off the new menu, this Japanese-inspired stir fry not only tastes great, but smells amazing. Guaranteed to tantalise your taste-buds, this appetising dish is a great way to ease yourself into the exotic flavours of Asia.

Discover Mizu’s new vegan dishes

After seeing a global spike in veganism, we just had to add some vegan dishes to the menu and provide a flavoursome experience for a wide array of palates.

We’ve added a completely Vegan Tasting Menu to the list, allowing people to sample a wide array of Asian-inspired vegan dishes who may not have previously gotten the chance to.


“I usually find Vegan food in restaurants to be quite bland and boring, but when I dined at Mizu everything I ate was so rich and flavoursome, I was incredibly impressed!” – Customer review

We now have an impressive 24 Vegan selections to choose from on our new Mizu menu – including an entirely Vegan sharing platter. They taste so good, even the most carnivorous of guests are guaranteed to love them.


Some of the most popular vegan dishes include:

  • Vegan sushi plates (3 different types to choose from)
  • Kabocha Karokke (Japanese curried squash croquettes)
  • Yasai Wafu Nabe (Japanese stew with tofu and vegetables)
  • Vegetable Katsu Curry (coated in crispy panko breadcrumbs with curry sauce & rice)


Other exotic dishes

One noteworthy dish on the new Mizu menu is the Chuka Kurage. For anyone whose knowledge of Asian food is limited, this fascinating dish consists of jellyfish that has been slow cooked in soy then marinated in sugar, vinegar & sesame oil. It is served with cucumber and a micro herb salad.

Although this may not be for the faint of heart (and definitely not for those who play it safe when it comes to dining out) we have received excellent feedback on this dish. So far, everyone who has tried it has loved it!


Another dish ‘From the Motherland’ which is available on the new Mizu menu is the Adobo Chicken. This tasty treat comes all the way from the Philippines and is made up of local chicken thigh that has been marinated and cooked in vinegar, soy sauce, garlic and black peppercorns. The meal is served with spring onion, pickled ginger and sticky rice.

The search for new flavours

During the new menu development process, both Kasun and Mark, as well as other prominent figures across the Lake District Hotels group, started their foodie search for inspiration by visiting prestigious Pan-Asian restaurants across the nation.

During this time, Kasun even revisited his roots in Sri Lanka as he scoured the Far East for new and exotic flavours that could be added to the new menu. Talk about dedication to the cause!


After months of thinking, tasting and tweaking, our finalised new Mizu menu was revealed on Thursday 5th September to the public. The new menu includes plenty of new dishes (including a whole range of vegan dishes) as well as some old-time classics from our original menu that we just couldn’t let go of.


We love hearing your customer feedback

We have received wonderful feedback on our new menu and the chefs have been bombarded with praise for their imaginative and tasty dishes.

We were especially overwhelmed by the positive feedback we have received by Asian tourists themselves and those who have visited the Far East – both commenting on how authentic all our dishes are.


new Mizu menu

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The chefs and our front of house team continuously strive to provide the general public with an unforgettable dining experience, so any comments you have will be noted and passed on to the team.