Lamborghini supercars spotted at the Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa!

Just last week, we got a taste of life in the fast lane as 7 Lamborghini superstars turned heads at or very own Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa!

A number of customers of Lamborghini Birmingham stayed with us at the hotel as part of a marketing campaign organised by the West Midlands based car dealership.

The cars stopped at various locations throughout the Lake District as part of a road trip from Birmingham up to Scotland, which included an overnight stay at the Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa within the Borrowdale Valley.

“It’s not often you see so many amazing supercars in one place. It was an exciting moment for our guests and employees who came out to snap some photos of the cars. Many guests even came out on their balconies when they heard the Lamborghinis rev their engines!”

The Lamborghini supercars were in a range of colours which each received a lot of interest from our guests and recent passers by. We even got a wave from them as they left and made their way up the Borrowdale road!