Rejuvenate your skin this summer at The Falls Spa

We’re pleased to announce that on Tuesday 4th June, The Falls Spa is hosting an ‘ELEMIS Skin Analysis Event’ where we have the honour of being joined by ELEMIS skin expert, Rio! The event will run from 11am – 5pm.

Rio is a specialist skin consultant from ELEMIS and will be here for the day to analyse your skin type, offer her expert advice and help you to discover your perfect facial to completely revitalise your skin.

To offer customers a comprehensive and bespoke service, there are only 15 spaces available at the event. This is to allow our skin expert to offer each guest a meticulous skin analysis consultation and give everyone ample amounts of time to raise their skin concerns and ask questions.

The event costs £35 which includes:

  • A detailed ELEMIS SkinLab analysis (15 minutes)
  • Lifestyle consultation with Rio
  • Personalised 25-minute facial tailored to your unique skin type performed by one of our spa therapists
  • £35 redeemable against products purchased on the day*

*One product MUST be anti-aging

We are also offering all attendees the opportunity to upgrade their ELEMIS experience to include 2 hours access to the spa facilities for an additional £25.

Please note you MUST call the spa to book your slot on 017687 87704


Elemis skin analysis event

The truth about your skin.

Many people are unaware of their skin type and in most cases, our skin tends to fall into more than one category than simply ‘oily’, ‘normal’ or ‘dry’ skin. In fact, most people experience all three at some point in their lives!

Even if you think you know your skin type inside and out, as we grow older and our hormone balances change or our skin is more exposed to harsh UV rays, our skin has the tendency to change – and it can be hard to keep on top of it!

What is more, when your skin may be feeling a little dry or sensitive, many people think that getting booked in for a facial is the answer. Although a facial is definitely a nourishing treatment, choosing the right facial for your skin needs is just as important as choosing the appropriate skincare products from your local drugstore.


Discover your skin type.

The main indicator of the type of facial you need is your skin type; however, our skin is so unique and complex it is hard to confidently determine your skin type without proper examination.

Your skin type is likely to fall into more than one category, and with the help of the ELEMIS SkinLab analysis, you can finally discover the care and treatment that your skin truly needs.

The ELEMIS SkinLab equipment is a state-of-the-art software that uses 3D imaging technology to thoroughly analyse your skin type and highlight areas that need extra care and attention.

Elemis skin analysis event

ELEMIS Skin Analysis: “your passport to beautiful skin.”

During the session, the SkinLab equipment will take 3D images of your face to ultimately determine your combination skin type and highlight the precise location of problem areas in need of some extra TLC.

Following examination, Rio will explore your skin results and provide you with a 15-minute consultation analysing your skin type where she will offer her recommendations on how to completely rejuvenate your face.

She will recommend products available for your skin type which will be sold on the day to allow you to put your new skin knowledge straight to practice!

It doesn’t stop there however. Using the results from your initial SkinLab analysis, our qualified spa therapists will perform a bespoke facial that has been specifically designed to target your skin’s needs.


the falls spa

Book a spa day today.

This ELEMIS Skin Analysis consultation experience is an exclusive opportunity, however do not worry if you are unavailable on the date or haven’t managed to book on to the experience.

Our experienced spa team are all fully-trained in the area of skincare and can offer you expert advice, as well as provide you with a range of nurturing facial treatments to get your summer ready.


In fact, our knowledgeable Spa Manager, Davina, wanted to share these interesting skincare facts with you that may just change the way you look after your skin:

1. Do you use soap on your skin?   

Soap is very drying on the skin due to its PH levels. To highlight why it is not the best product to use on your skin, if you perform a PH litmus paper test (remember your school days learning about acids and alkaline) soap has the same PH level as bathroom cleaner such as Jif!

It is very dehydrating for the skin so we recommend avoiding it.

2. Do you use facial wipes to cleanse your face in an evening?

Not only are facial wipes full of plastics that harm the environment, but they are lined with alcohol which strips the skin of the natural oils working to protect the skin’s acid mantel and keep us looking young.

3. Do you use cleansing products for oily skin?

Most cleansing products for oily skin contain salicylic acid which is great in the treatment of blackheads and whiteheads. However, some oily skin products put additional amounts of salicylic acid in to trick us into thinking our skin is getting cleaner. This is seen when you cleanse the skin with cotton wool and the pad appears to look black – giving you the illusion that your skin is being thoroughly cleansed!

In fact, overuse of these products will result in your skin drying out. Despite its oily nature, when you have acne-prone skin, you do not want to completely strip the skin of natural oils as this can cause scarring when the spots do disappear.