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Inn on the Lake

Access Statement

Access Statement

This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with access needs, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our guests/visitors. We welcome all guests at The Inn on the lake hotel, including guests with an impairment which could include mobility, sight, hearing and learning disabilities. It is recommended that you discuss your requirements with our reservations team at the time of booking to ensure the most suitable room for your requirements is allocated to you.

Situated in the Ullswater Valley on the shore line of the Ullswater lake our hotel is the perfect place to stay whether you are visiting for business or leisure.

The hotel is situated just off the road (A592), the 2 driveways in to the hotel are tarmac in composition leading to the main and overflow carpark, we have a level entrance to the front door made of Lakeland stone cobbles, no ramp necessary.

We have 46 bedrooms including 3 accessible bedrooms suitable for wheelchair users, two on the ground floor situated next to a fire exit and the second on the second floor accessible by the lift. All bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms. The en-suite bathrooms of the 3 accessible bedrooms all have level entry shower with handrails fitted throughout.

We look forward to welcoming you. If you have any queries or require any assistance, please phone 01768 482444 or 0800 840 1246 or email; Innonthelake@lakedistricthotels.net

For full details and maps of how to reach us please see the directions section of our website. Alternatively, you can plan your journey by car or public transport using www.the AA.com/route-planner; simply enter your postcode and ours, which is CA11 0PE to get directions.

The nearest railway station is Penrith, which is 12.8 miles away. You can book a taxi from the station or alternatively the taxi rank is immediately outside the station on the right. If you require a taxi or an accessible taxi this can be pre booked in advance by calling Mikes Taxis on 07770444159.

The nearest bus stop is directly outside the train station on the left, the 508 brings you straight in to Glenridding There is shelter and seating at both stops. All buses can accommodate at least one wheelchair. The 508 bus runs approximately every 60 minutes in summer and every 120 minutes in winter. The timetable for this bus can be found http://www.stagecoachbus.com /www.visiteden.co.uk

The bus stop in Glenridding is approximately 3-minute walk/150 yards from the hotel front door. Our Access Statement is available in larger print on request.

We have plentiful parking for our guests which is free. We can arrange for guests with disabilities to park close to the entrance. Please notify us of your approximate arrival time and we can arrange assistance for parking and arrival.

The main car park surface and entrances are tarmac which lead to the front entrance of the hotel. There is an overflow gravel carpark adjoined to the main car park.

The main entrance double doors are automatic and open wide enough to allow easy access. The second set of doors are also automatic.

We have a porter service available 24 hours a day to assist with your luggage.

Reception is on the ground floor and has level access throughout. The entrance has a ribbed mat set into the floor but level with the rest of the reception area which is a mix of wood and carpet. The area is well-lit with LED overhead lighting and wall lights.

A magnifying glass, pen and pad of paper are available on request. There is a choice of seating in the reception area. A familiarisation tour is available on request.

There is a lift in the hotel with call buttons to both floors, the doors are automatic opening and closing. The well-lit interior has wooden sides with a carpet flooring.

The lift dimensions are 1080mm wide and 1040mm deep with a door opening of 800mm and as such most wheel chairs can be accommodated. We have a manual wheelchair that fits into this lift if required.

If you require any assistance on check in, this will be provided by reception. We will be happy to escort you to your room and give all necessary information to assist you for the duration of your stay. Ground floor accessible rooms, room 3 door entry width is 920mm, room 2 door entry width is 800mm.

Top floor room 60 entry door is 710mm wide and are easy to open, and they are on self-closers. Furniture can be easily removed or rearranged in the room if requested.

In each room there is a transfer space of at least 1500mm on one side of the bed. The height of the beds from the floor to the top of the mattress is 700mm. Blocks to raise the height of the bed are available on request.

Rooms are bright and evenly lit. LED overhead and wall lighting is used. There are also bedside and table lamps in each room. Additional reading lamps are available on request. The height of the wardrobe rails varies from 1100mm to 1550mm.

These, and all other bedrooms in the hotel, offer the following: All bedroom doors are numbered. Lighting as above, good colour contrast between the floor, walls and doors, short pile carpet, television with remote control and subtitles.

Fire evacuation procedures are displayed on the back of the bedroom door. Guests are reminded to inform Reception if they would require any assistance in the event of a fire evacuation.

In accordance with Lake District Hotels policy, all of our hotel bedrooms are No Smoking.

All of the accessible bedrooms have en-suite shower rooms providing specific facilities for guests with disabilities, these include:

• Doors are as follows. Room 2, 830mm, Room 3 760mm Room 60 820mm wide,
• Level entry showers
• The toilet height are Room 2 = 470mm, Room 3= 450mm Room 60 =460mm.
• The wash basin height are Room= 790mm Room 3= 750mm Room 60= 800mm, with clear space underneath.
• Grab rails, horizontal and vertical, are fitted around the shower.
• Horizontal and vertical grab rails are fitted either side of the toilet.
• Lever taps are fitted on the washbasin and bath.
• Well-lit with LED overhead lights and a light over mirror.
• Good colour contrast between the doors, floor, walls and towels.
• The flooring is non-slip tile.
• All accessible bathrooms are provided with emergency assistance alarms.
• All other bathrooms have the same lighting, lever taps, floor fitting and good colour contrast as above. However, some of the showers are not separate and are over the bath in some cases.

All public areas, halls, stairs, landings and lifts, are well lit using a combination of ceiling and wall lights (LED lighting is used in the lift). Corridors are slightly dimmer lit by pendant lights.

Corridors are at least 900mm wide and the floor covering is short pile carpet.

The Bar lounge area is situated on the ground floor with level entry from the reception and main entrance area. The Bar lounge door entrance is 1640mm wide. The exit through to the outside terrace is 1000mm wide with 2 sets of automatic doors. The bar has a mixture of seating with sofas and soft chairs with arms, together with tables, leading to the lakeview lounges with sofas, soft chairs and low tables. Lighting is natural daylight as well as ceiling pendants, wall and table lights, and by night lighting comes from overhead and wall lighting used as well as table lamps around the room. The flooring is short pile carpet in both the lounge and the lobby with some hard wood directly in front of the Bar and Reception.

Bar food and drink can be served in the Bar lounge, just ask at the bar for menu details.

The nearest toilets are located off the main corridor next to the lounge bar opposite the Glenridding room. The accessible toilet is located in the corridor to the right of the reception desk.

Access to the terrace is via the lounge with automatic doors, there is a ramp to the right which allows easy access to the terrace and gardens. There are gravel paths around the gardens down to the lake.

The Orangery area is accessed via the lounges on the ground floor, it has level entry from the lounge. The door is 1000mm wide.

The room has a mixture of seating with soft chairs with and without arms, together with dining tables. The lighting in the Orangery area comes from natural day light with LED ceiling and wall lights.

Bar food and drink can be served in the Orangery, just ask at the bar for menu details.

The restaurant is situated on the ground floor with level entry from the main corridor, leading from reception. Double doors to this area are normally open. The restaurant has level entry throughout, with the Glenridding room area being also level entry. Tables in the restaurant are well spaced apart, with a clear height from the floor of 650mm, with upright chairs. Lighting is natural daylight and by night levels are controlled by dimmer switches, with overhead and wall lighting. Candles are lit on tables. The flooring is short pile carpet.

We do our best to cater for any dietary requirements; please contact us in advance with any specific requests. Where possible all our food produce is locally sourced.

The restaurant is table service for breakfast, lunch and dinner. At breakfast there is a self-service cold buffet; however, staff can assist on request. All staff can assist by running through menus with you. The nearest toilets and accessible toilet are down the main corridor on the right towards reception.

Ramblers & Candleroom is on the ground floor. It has 3 external entrances, 1450mm wide (Ramblers main entrance) Candle room main door 1500mm wide with manual doors. Entrance into Ramblers/ Candle room via the internal corridor opposite the hotel restaurant, 1st door (740mm) with a small step threshold, then slight ramp in the corridor leading to 2 pull doors (1500mm) then through the Candle room via wooden double doors (900mm), this route is taken when weather is poor otherwise entrance for easier access is through the main exit doors of the hotel around to the right approx. 55 yards, enter through the front doors via the car park, two doors 1450mm wide. Pull to go in push to come out.

The flooring in the entrance to the Candle / Ramblers is a coya matting material, Tables in the Candle room/ Ramblers are well spaced apart, with a clear height from the floor of 640mm to 730mm, with upright chairs with and without arms.

Public toilets can be found on: the ground floor with level access from the main entrance, reception, lounge, bar, restaurant areas, the accessible toilets are located to the right of the reception desk, 2nd door on the right in the corridor.

The accessible toilet has a push pad door opening operation, hand rails, for the toilet. The measurements of the toilet is described below:
• Entrance door 860mm wide and level entry into the toilet.
• 1300mm transfer space to the front of the ground floor toilet when facing the toilet.
• The toilet height is 490mm.
• There are vertical rails either side of both basin and toilet.
• There is a horizontal rail on the side wall adjacent to the toilet.
• A flashing light when the fire alarm sounds.
• An emergency alarm pull cord.
• The toilets are well lit with LED overhead lighting and there is a low level light switch.
• The flooring is non-slip laminate.
• There are lever taps on the sinks.
• Toilets & washbasins are white with marble affect white and grey tiles.
• All other public WCs have the same lighting, flooring, lever taps as above.

Our conference and meeting room is located on the ground floor to the right of reception.

This room has level access throughout.

The Conference and meeting room door is 750mm wide.

This room has no natural light with no windows. Overhead LED lighting can be controlled by dimmer switches. Upright chairs with or without arms are available. 1 large conference table which has a clear space of 710mm from the floor. The flooring is short pile carpet. The nearest accessible toilet is immediately next door on the right.

Please contact our sales manager on Tel: 01768 482444 to discuss any specific requirements you may have.

We have 15 acres of grounds which is all grass land, terrace and carparking.

Areas closest to the hotel are generally flat. To go to the Gazebo, there is a gravel path leading to a paved walkway with a ramp down to make it accessible.

There is seating on the terrace which has a ramp leading from the lounge bar to make it easy access to both the Orangery and the lounge terrace.

The grounds around the hotel consist of grass and gravel paths, with some areas having gentle inclines.

All of our staff receive regular training that includes disability awareness training.

We have a set of evacuation procedures – should you require assistance someone will come to your room and help you with evacuation either out of the building or to a refuge. We have evacuation chairs to assist.

Assistance dogs are welcome. A water bowl is available just outside the main entrance for assistance dogs and one can be supplied for bedrooms or the bar lounge where necessary.

Unfortunately, The Inn on the Lake Hotel cannot offer personal care. Where personal care is required, we recommended that guests contact their own local social services who may be able to advise them of approved care services local to the hotel.

Room service is available 24 hours by dialling ‘313’ on the phone.

We have an area where a mobility scooter can be charged, please ask at reception.

The nearest minor injuries Hospital with a walk facility facility is 13.1 miles away, the nearest NHS General hospital is in Carlisle 33.4 miles from the hotel. The nearest doctor’s surgery is approximately 500 yards from the hotel. Please contact reception for further information.

Free Wi-Fi Internet access is available in bedrooms and throughout the hotel.

We can offer a list of nearby attractions and details of their Access Statements for information, where available.

If you require further information which is not covered in this statement or should you have any queries, please let us know.

Address: Inn on the lake hotel Glenridding, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 0PE
Telephone: 01768 482444
Email: Innonthelake@lakedistricthotels.net
Website: www.lakedistricthotels.net/Innonthelake

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