Live in Luxury From Your Own Home – Shop our Brands!

At Lake District Hotels, luxury and comfort are high on our list of priorities. Our hotels are not just spaces to rest, they are experiences to be indulged in and remembered for years to come. From plush bedding to exquisite cocktails, every element contributes to a memorable stay. Now, embracing this essence of opulence, we are thrilled to announce we have launched our own online shop where our guests can take a piece of our hospitality home with them.

What's on offer?

Let’s delve into the treasures you can now purchase…

The Fine Bedding Company Mattress Toppers/Duvets: Experience the blissful sleep synonymous with our hotel rooms by indulging in The Fine Bedding Company mattress toppers, duvets, cotton pillows, and silk pillows. Crafted for unrivaled comfort and a rejuvenating slumber, these bedding essentials promise to elevate your rest to a whole new level.

What’s more – both the cotton pillow and duvet from The Fine Bedding Company are vegan and 100% sustainable.

Sealy Beds and mattresses: The epitome of luxury and support, our Sealy Beds are now available for purchase. With their superior craftsmanship and variety of designs, these beds and mattresses ensure that every night is a refreshing escape to dreamland. This is not just any memory foam mattress; the Sealy mattress is designed to deliver lasting comfort by alleviating pressure points and ensuring a deep level of cosiness for a restful night’s sleep.

Edmunds Cocktails: Have you tried an Edmunds Cocktail whilst in one of our bars and can’t get enough? Take home the essence of mixology expertise by purchasing these exquisite cocktails, allowing you to savour their flavors whenever the mood strikes.

Fitness Equipment: We are here to support your wellbeing in every department, which is why there is also Life Fitness equipment available, as experienced in The Falls Spa gym. We have the Life Fitness IC7 Indoor Cycle on offer, a perfect way to get that cardio done whilst comfortably seated. Also on offer is the Life Fitness T5 Go Treadmill, so that you can hit that step goal from the perimeters of your own home.

Dualit Coffee Machine: Are you someone who needs a daily caffeine fix? Treat yourself to a Tupinamba Dualit Café Plus CPD4 machine, which allows a compact yet stylish addition to any home. This innovative product aims to reduce energy consumption by powering off after 10 minutes of inactivity and heating up in only 40 seconds. Give yourself the gift of brewing delicious coffee in the comfort of your own home with this Nespresso and WWF compatible coffee machine.