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By on March 20th, 2019

Doing our bit for the environment

With climate change threatening to warm our planet, it’s important that we all take responsibility and do our bit to help in whatever way we can.

In 2014, we reduced our carbon footprint considerably by introducing biomass boilers which use renewable wood chips, to the Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa and the Borrowdale Hotel, both located in the pretty Borrowdale valley. As well as this we engage extensively in recycling, at the Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa we have an hydroelectric generator and have installed flood defences to protect the hotel environment. We also feed birds and wildlife in the woodland to the rear of the Lodore, if you are lucky you may get to spot a red squirrel around our grounds.

In 2018, we invested heavily in the build of the brand new Falls Spa and 18 new spa suites, ensuring that it was energy efficient with environmental measures employed.

Steps that we have taken…

  • The new build is highly insulated to minimise energy loss
  • Part of the building is earth sheltered, with another part sporting a green roof, to increase insulation and encourage biodiversity
  • All lighting in the building is low energy LED
  • The floor to ceiling windows maximise the amount of natural light and minimise artificial light usage during the day
  • We have snazzy PIR sensors to control lights (so they switch off when not in use)
  • Our air conditioning and comfort cooling systems have heat recovery to minimise energy usage
  • Sensors have been installed to switch off the comfort cooling in bedrooms when the bi-fold screens are opened to ensure that energy is not wasted
  • Recycled slates have been used on the roof
  • We pride ourselves on going local, so wherever possible we have used local materials to minimise transport and CO2 emissions
  • We have used a composite material on the decking of the balconies, this incorporates recycled materials and renewable bamboo making it algae free, so no chemicals are needed to keep it clean


If you would like to do your bit to help the environment, you could start with these 7 simple steps…

  1. Use reusable bags
  2. Print less by printing on both sides of the page
  3. Recycle. Recycle. Recycle
  4. Use a reusable food containers
  5. Switch off lights to save electricity
  6. Save water by knocking the tap off when you brush your teeth
  7. If you can walk, do so and leave the car at home


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