Charity of the Year 2024: have your say!

Is making a difference in your community something close to your heart? Do you know of a local charity that could benefit from the support of Lake District Hotels this year?

With so many deserving causes in the local area, we find it difficult to choose…so we want to give you the chance to have your say!

Nominations are now open for our 2024 Charity of the Year, and we are looking for a deserving local charity to build a relationship with. We believe in giving back to the communities around us and want to make a real impact by supporting a cause that matters to our neighbours.

How do I nominate a charity?

Nominating a charity couldn’t be simpler, all you must do is visit this page and fill in our short ‘Charity Nomination’ form. It will only take 5 minutes of your time to put your favourite charity in the running!

Let’s come together to create positive change and uplift those who need it most. Together, we can make 2024 a year of giving, compassion, and support for our local community.

What is the ‘Charity of the Year’?

Every year, we choose a new charity to support by organising various events across our six family-owned hotels. Examples of past events include gala dinners, royal ascot, raffles, staff Christmas jumper day, festive bingo, Christmas dog walk plus many more… Over the years we have been involved with organisations such as Jigsaw Cumbria’s Children’s Hospice, Amy’s Care, Blood Bikes Cumbria, Keswick School, and Keswick Scouts.

How much have we raised so far?

Jigsaw Cumbria’s Children’s Hospice

Sum: £7,624.53

Jigsaw Cumbria’s Children’s Hospice is a local organisation providing support to the families of children and young adults suffering from life limiting illnesses. They offer families respite support with personalised one-to-one care, simultaneously giving these children a second home filled with laughter and fun-filled activities to take part in.

Keswick Scouts

Sum: Over £9,000.

This was raised in the aid of refurbishing the ‘Ashness Hut’; an accommodation created to provide a cost-effective place for former evacuees and post war children to go. Donated to the Keswick Scouts over 70 years ago, the structure originally stood as a chicken shed.

Blood Bikes Cumbria

Sum: £11,426.27

We collected a total of £11,426.27 to support Blood Bikes Cumbria, an organisation that offers round-the-clock transportation services, 365 days a year, facilitating the transfer of blood, medications, and essential medical supplies between hospitals and blood transfusion centers.

Keswick School

Sum: £30,141

When working with Keswick School, we supported the redevelopment of their food technology classroom to create a more interactive TV style Bake-off kitchen. This had the aim of encouraging budding careers in hospitality and to eat healthier, and live stronger.

Amy’s Care

Sum: £8,276.63

Amy’s Care is a Community Interest Company which provides support for older adults with a specialty in dementia. This family-ran organisation offers social clubs to older adults and dementia-specialised daycare and holidays.