Rare Butterfly Lands in the Lakes

The Lake District is home to some amazing critters and creatures: red squirrels, seals, deer…

We’re home to all creatures great and small, and this week, it’s the little guys that are taking centre stage as a rare colony of butterflies have settled at Haweswater – we’re fluttered!

The Marsh Fritillary Butterfly is a threatened species, and not just in the UK. These beautiful flying friends are threatened across Europe.

What to Do If You Find a Marsh Fritillary Butterfly

First things first – don’t panic!

While insects can startle us, it’s important to remember that all butterflies are completely harmless. According to the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory, “butterflies have no stinging organs or venom anywhere in their bodies”.

Second, never touch their wings.

Butterfly wings are covered by tiny scales, and each scale is a different colour – this is how we get such pigmented and pretty patterns! If you touch the wings of a butterfly, you may notice a powder-like substance on your fingertips, and this is those scales rubbing off onto your fingers.

If you’d like a closer look at the colourful critter, try zooming in on it with your phone’s camera, or using a magnifying glass.

Most importantly, leave the butterflies alone. Take only pictures, leave only memories.

Cumbrian Wildlife Charities & Organisations

The good news is that Cumbria is full of hard-working animal charities and organisations that are on hand to help if you think you’ve spotted the rare Marsh Fritillary Butterfly, or if you want to get involved to help conserve the natural biodiversity of the Lake District.

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A rare butterfly species landing in the Lake District is exciting!

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