Inn on the Square’s top 10 Gins

In celebration of our recent partnership with the nearby award-winning Lakes Distillery to offer our residents free tours & tastings, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 gins – all available from our extensive bar menu.

Our stylish Front Bar offers an impressive choice of 26 different gins, that range from the conventional and refreshing to the experimental and intriguing. We certainly pride ourselves in our vast selection of gins and narrowing our favourites down to 10 was not an easy process!


The decision to list our top 10 gins of the moment also coincides with the exciting news that we have just relaunched our popular ‘Gin on the Square’ offer, in which you can stay with us from JUST £179 and receive:


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The Lakes Gin

Of course, the signature gin from our local distillery had to make the list; but not just for its close proximity to ourselves, but because The Lakes Gin is one of the finest gins you’ll ever taste.

If you’re looking for a refreshing gin with an edge, The Lakes Gin is a classic English gin with vibrant notes of juniper, cracked black pepper and orange peel.

The gin is gently distilled over time to provide a remarkably smooth texture that’s a delight to consume. Experience the distilling process first hand with complimentary tours & tastings for all Inn on the Square residents.

The Lakes Gin is served on the rocks with your choice of tonic.



Monkey 47

Despite its name, there’s no monkeying around with this gin when it comes to exceptional flavor. Developed with an impressive 47 botanicals, most of which are derived from the Black Forest of Germany, the ingredients of Monkey 47 are not what you would expect in a typical dry gin.

The secret ingredient of this gin is lingonberries that give the gin its unique flavor. Expect an expert blend of powerful spice, fruit and herb flavours.

Since there is no other gin that tastes quite like it on our menu, the ingenious concoction had to make our top 10 gins.

Monkey 47 is served with your choice of tonic and blackberries.



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A gin that is quickly becoming the on-trend gin of the moment, Brockmans is the ideal drink for those in search of a refreshingly crisp taste to unwind at the end of the day. Let’s just say, this gin gets the name ‘intensely smooth’ for a reason.

Brockmans gin incorporates some of the nicest botanicals from across Europe, including Tuscan juniper berries, Valencian orange peel and Bulgarian coriander, that have been expertly blended with blackberries and blueberries to provide an uplifting, fruity taste unlike any other.

Brockmans is served with your choice of tonic and blueberries & grapefruit.


The Lakes Elderflower Gin

Since opening in 2014 and developing an excellent reputation for their distilled spirits, the Lakes Distillery have soared to new heights, as they expanded on their acclaimed gin through the introduction of new flavours to their gin collection.

One of which is the delightful Lakes Elderflower gin. This refreshingly floral gin provides consumers with an uplifting flavor from the first sip, strongly securing its position in our top 10 gins.

The Lakes Elderflower Gin is served on the rocks with your choice of tonic.


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As far as ‘main stream’ gins go, it doesn’t get much better than Hendricks. Call us boring if you wish, but there are few moments as pleasant as taking that first invigorating sip of Hendricks paired with a perfectly chilled Fentimans Tonic.

This refreshing floral finish gin is complete with an impressive resume of complimentary botanicals including elderflower, chamomile, angelica, cubeb berries, juniper plus more.

Hendricks is served with your choice of tonic and cucumber.


Sharish Blue Magic

This fascinating gin is exactly what it says on the tin – pure magic. Sharish Blue Magic is a Portuguese gin that gets its blue colour from extracts of the blue pea flower… that is until you mix it with tonic and it strips its blue coating to reveal a shade of pink!

Whether it’s witchcraft or the wonders of mother nature, with an impressive mix of botanicals to give it spicy yet juicy berry flavor, this gin not only looks amazing but it has the taste to match.

Sharish Blue Magic is served with your choice of tonic and orange.


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If you’re seeking that one-of-a-kind taste that you’ll probably have never experienced beforehand, make sure you try X-Gin.

This intriguingly flavoured gin has delicious dark chocolate essences at its core, paired with creamy and vanilla notes to provide you with an exclusive flavor unlike any other. For this reason, X-Gin was a must for our top 10 gins.

The heart of X-Gin’s botanicals can be found in some of the most indulgent Belgium chocolates; however, it does still incorporate the more traditional elements such as juniper.

X- Gin is served on the rocks with your choice of tonic.


The Lakes Rhubarb & Rosehip Gin

Another must-try member of the Lakes Distillery gin collection is the Lakes Rhubarb & Rosehip gin. Rhubarb has become a popular gin flavouring of late, however no one makes it quite like the award-winning Lakes Distillery.

If you prefer gins that have powerful yet enjoying flavours to really tantalise your taste-buds, the prevailing fruity yet floral flavours make this gin the perfect choice.

The Lakes Rhubarb Gin is served on the rocks with your choice of tonic.


top 100 gins

Buss No.509 Persian Peach

When it comes to flavoured gins, there seems to be an abundance of tart, fruit flavours out there, and a lack of variety when it comes to more subtle flavours.

For this reason, this peach flavoured gin stands out in the fruit, flavoured gin market, firmly cementing its place in our top 10 gins.

Known for its subtly sweet flavor, the peach notes are delicately balanced with juniper, coriander, iris root, vanilla plus more.

Buss No.509 Peach is served with your choice of tonic and orange.


Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin

You can’t go wrong with a gin where you’re (sort of) drinking green tea, right?! Despite its Irish origin, the ‘gunpowder’ the gin’s name refers to is actually Chinese gunpowder green tea.

However, if green tea is not your thing, don’t be put off as this is only one of many botanicals put into Drumshanbo. The inventive recipe also includes lime, lemon & grapefruit to offer an invigorating oriental-inspired taste.

Drumshanbo is served with your choice of tonic and gunpowder tea.


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