Celebrating Love at Inn on the Lake

To celebrate Pride Month and highlight some of the fantastic individuals who make Lake District Hotels a diverse and brilliant place to work, we caught up with two of our fantastic team members at Inn on the Lake. Kayleigh and Morgan, who both met at the company, reflect back on their own love story from their first meeting to now celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

How did you meet? 

Morgan: We actually met at the Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa. Kayleigh worked there at the time and I came with the Inn on the Lake team for our work staff Christmas party. 

How long have you been together? 

Kayleigh: We have now been together for 4 years and have just actually celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary. 

Was it love at first sight? 

Morgan: Just about, there was a lot of back and forth. Especially with Kayleigh travelling from Keswick to see me at any chance she got in-between shifts.

Kayleigh: At that point I put in for a transfer to be moved to the Inn on the Lake… and that was that!

Where are you both from? 

Morgan: I am from South Africa.

Kayleigh: I’m from Silloth, which is just over an hour’s drive away from the hotel.

What are your jobs? 

Morgan: I am the Food and Beverage Supervisor at the Inn on the Lake and Kayleigh is the Assistant Restaurant Manager.

Who popped the question and how? 

Kayleigh: It was actually Morgan who got down on one knee after a family FaceTime quiz in lockdown! The last task as part of the quiz was to follow instructions of how to draw a question mark. Little did I know, all my family each had instructions to write ‘Will You Marry Me’ and present it and then Morgan had the question mark. Morgan then got down on one knee and popped the question, with personalised hoodies, a bunch of flowers and a ring box that included a note that said, “let’s choose together”.

Morgan: Kayleigh is so picky, so we got them designed ourselves at a local jeweller. My mum actually gifted us some rings that had been melted down which were incorporated into our rings.

Do you both enjoy working with each other? 

Kayleigh: We do love working together, when we get the chance to! We always find the time to help each other out if needed. 

Where do you see your future progressing? 

Morgan: We would love to go traveling and explore the world together, then eventually we would think about settling down and starting a small family of our own. 

What are some of the important values or beliefs that you both share in your relationship? 

Kayleigh: We both have big beliefs in having good communication skills, as this is a big thing in relationships. Understanding each other’s love language is also very important. 

Are there any specific issues or causes that are particularly important to you as a couple? 

Morgan: We’ve had a few ups and downs as a couple coping with mental health and equality. We strongly stand by these beliefs and will always find ways to support these two causes whenever possible. Having dealt with these things ourselves in very different ways, we find we can always help each other and others out. 

 Any other nice stories you wish to share from your time with Lake District Hotels?

Kayleigh: Whilst working for Lake District Hotels, we have built long lasting friendships and seen a lot of people grow. It is like a family. In fact, all except one of Morgan’s siblings have worked at the Inn on the Lake as its been such a good and lasting starting point! We have both had such an amazing time working with everyone.  


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