The Benefits of a Hotel Wedding Venue in the Lake District

Have you recently gained the title of fiancé? Beginning that wedding planning can be a daunting task, it’s a maze-like process where each turn is another decision to be made; this can easily overwhelm even the most organised of couples. The first step you should take is deciding where your special day will take place, one question you might ask is…

Is a Hotel Wedding Venue right for me?

The right venue will truly set the tone for an unforgettable celebration. Among the many available options, hotels stand out as a versatile and all-encompassing space that offer many benefits for couples that seek a seamless and memorable experience.

Imagine exchanging vows amidst the serene beauty of glistening lakes and lush landscapes…Lake District Hotels are proud owners of two beautiful venues, uniquely attractive in their own rights.

Captured by Jason Chambers.

The Inn on the Lake boasts a stunning lakeshore location with fifteen acres of landscaped grounds to explore, including a beautiful Garden Gazebo and outdoor Terrace. Situated within the small, picturesque village of Glenridding and with private lakeshore on Ullswater Lake, your wedding photos will be nothing short of exceptional with so many beautiful areas to capture.

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Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa is in a quiet corner of the Borrowdale Valley, a stone’s throw away from Derwentwater. There are stunning suites available which are ideal for both intimate and large wedding parties. You can also find a gorgeous Garden Gazebo often used for wedding ceremonies located in our award-winning Spa Garden. Another picture-worthy location, you are sure to feel the magic when you host your special day here.

9 Benefits of a Hotel Wedding Venue

The weddings team at Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa.
The weddings team at Inn on the Lake

1. Planning support

When you book with a Lake District Hotels venue, you will automatically receive support from a dedicated weddings team. Both Inn on the Lake and Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa are graced with the presence of experienced staff that will be there to help you every step of the way from concept to execution.

You will have a dedicated wedding-coordinator on hand to help you every step of the way, they will ensure your day is everything that you’ve ever dreamed it could be.

The team even have a recommended list of suppliers, which makes what small fraction of the planning you are required to do so simple! You are more than welcome to book your own suppliers, but there is a certain comfort in booking businesses that already know your venue.

Photo from a recent bride at Inn on the Lake, Megan Dennis, her husband Ben, and their little boy.

2. You can return, time and time again…

It is our experience that one of the biggest advantages of hosting your nuptials at a hotel venue is the fact you may return to relive your wedding day whenever you would like. Many couples spend their anniversaries staying at these hotels, making this their ‘special’ place. It is always heartwarming to see our couples return with their families too, sharing the memories and love that they made previously in these personable hotels.

Captured by Jason Chambers
Captured by Chris Freer

3. Interior

Inn on the Lake and Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa are dedicated to creating a beautiful space for their couples. The company is devoted to continuously maintaining a modern and stylish interior, providing a perfect place to host your special day.

EXCITING NEWS…Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa is currently undergoing a renovation and will soon be available for all of you prospective couples to come and take a tour!

Furniture is readily available when you choose a hotel venue, there is no need to spend time and money organising hire of simple things such as tables and chairs like other venues may expect.

On that note, it is important to highlight that hotels will also provide linen, avoiding any nasty surprises in the form of linen hire fees.

Captured by Peter Ostrowski

4. All hotels have their own staff…

Hotels always provide their own staff, giving you peace of mind that you will have an experienced team on hand during your special day. At other venues, you may need to source these yourself which costs money and you run the risk of having staff working who don’t know the hotel.

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5. Drinks

When you book a wedding package, you will often find that important drinks are included within the price e.g. welcome drink, drink for toast and wine for the tables. This is another hidden fee you may need to fork out for at other wedding venues that easily adds up…

Captured by Jason Chambers.

6. Safety in all weathers.

Opting for a hotel wedding venue brings a notable advantage in ensuring a seamless celebration, particularly where the weather is concerned. Our hotels provide beautiful indoor locations to hold all aspects of your day, from getting ready to placing your head on a pillow when the day comes to an end. Having a reliable contingency plan will take a huge weight from your mind during the planning process, assuring you that your big day will proceed smoothly, rain or shine.

7. Convenience

Hotel wedding venues are convenient as they can be utilised in a variety of services under one roof such as the ceremony, reception, and accommodation. This eliminates the need for finding different available locations for each key event which also effectively cuts costs.

All food and catering are organised by the hotel – there is no need to spend an extravagant amount of money on caterers for day and night. Hotels will often invite you to come along for a tasting, so you know exactly what you are choosing when selecting your menu.

Given that accommodation is readily available onsite, you may also be able to reduce your ‘to do’ checklist and save money on organising guest transport.

Lake View Room type at Inn on the Lake.

8. Discount for guest rooms.

When you book your wedding at Inn on the Lake or Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa, you will automatically receive a discount for guests who may want to book a room when the big day comes. On the night of your wedding day, you and your partner will also be provided with a luxurious Suite to rest your head as part of the package price.

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9. Wedding packages.

Both of our hotels have meticulously curated wedding packages to ensure a seamless, stress-free planning process. There are a whole range of benefits to be felt from utilising packages, so many that it must have its own section…

Benefits of Wedding Packages…

Both weddings’ teams at Lake District Hotels have specially curated wedding packages that serve to reduce the stress frequently accompanying the planning process.

Our dedicated and hard-working teams are committed to turning your vision into a reality, offering personalised assistance every step of the way. You can say ‘I do’ with confidence, knowing that your dream wedding is in capable hands ensuring your special day is as seamless and magical as you’ve always imagined.

  • You will have the support of experienced planners who do this for a living.


  • Everything necessary will come together easily and without hiccups.


  • It takes the pressure off you as a couple.


  • They prevent forgotten details, with all the bare necessities already provided and our dedicated team on hand, you are sure to not miss anything.


  • Wedding packages can be more cost effective; even things such as the provided tables and chairs are taken for granted in a hotel venue. In other venues, these aren’t always included and must be rented for a substantial price.


  • You will save time with a weddings package, with so many requirements met in one go, you will have so much more time to organise the finer details.