The surprising health benefits of eating sushi!

Whether you’re a complete sushi lover or you haven’t yet built up the confidence to try raw fish, you may be surprised to know that there are actually some excellent health benefits of eating sushi!

A traditional Japanese dish, sushi has become one of the most popular foods across the globe, with an astounding number of sushi restaurants and quick service eateries offering this delicacy all around the world.

The Lake District is no exception to the rule, as you can enjoy a whole selection of authentic Asian cuisine at its excellent restaurants, most notably Mizu Pan Asian Restaurant which is located at the Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa.

We caught up with the sushi chef at Mizu to find out why everyone should incorporate sushi into their diet to reap the health benefits.


health benefits of eating sushi

1)     It’s full of Omega3

Traditional sushi is rich in Omega3 fish oils which we all know are excellent for our health. These fish oils are essential fats that cannot be produced by the body itself so it is recommended we add it into our diet (hello cod liver oil tablets!) Omega3 fish oils are excellent at reducing high cholesterol levels, lowering your blood pressure and reducing your risk of heart disease among other benefits.

2)     It can prevent wrinkles

Because sushi is full of antioxidants, it can actually prevent you getting wrinkles! Antioxidants are well known for slowing down cell damage by preserving the structure of the skin. In turn, this slows down the ageing process and leaves you with a youthful complexion for longer!

3)     Boosts the immune system

As well as being rich in Omega3, sushi is full to the brim with other essential minerals that keep our immune system functioning highly. This includes minerals such as zinc, magnesium, calcium and iron. In our normal diets, it is sometimes difficult to get a decent helping of these minerals which is why many people take supplements when all along you should have just been eating more sushi!

health benefits of eating sushi

4)     It can help you lose weight

Possibly the most enticing benefit on this list, eating sushi can actually work wonders in reducing food cravings. The fish used to make sushi is an excellent source of protein that aids in balancing blood sugar levels and keeps your energy levels stable. By doing so, it helps boost your metabolism which can hep you burn calories faster and make you feel fuller for longer.

5)     It can improve cognitive functioning

The high levels of Omega3 found in sushi have also been linked to enhanced cognitive functioning. The essential fats have been found to help improve your memory and regularly eating sushi is thought to help protect the brain.

6)     It can aid muscle repair

A surprising health benefit of sushi is that is can speed up muscle repair, which is why many athletes, body builders or people who simply want to buff up will regularly incorporate sushi into their diets. Because sushi is rich in protein, this helps your muscles rebuild themselves after an intense workout. Protein can also aid hair growth and strengthen your nails.

Book a table at Mizu Pan-Asian Restaurant

If you want to reap the health benefits that sushi has to offer now you have this new-found knowledge, book a table at Mizu Pan-Asian Restaurant at the Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa.

The chefs at Mizu are highly trained in the art of sushi making, having learnt all the appropriate skills to make authentic, Japanese sushi from their time studying cooking in Asia. They even occasionally hold sushi-making masterclasses for hotel guests to transfer their knowledge!

Mizu offers a selection of authentic sushi and sashimi which is packed with the Omega3 fatty acids and protein as discussed, however the menu also offers a range of other sushi dishes which may help ease you into eating raw-fish sushi if you’re not yet ready to take the plunge!


Mizu is open 7 days a week from 12pm-2pm for lunch and from 5pm-9:30pm for dinner. To view the Mizu menu, click here.

To book a table at Mizu, you can either call the hotel reception on 017687 77285 or you can book a table online by clicking here.

Please note that due to popular demand, when booking a table at Mizu, whether online or over the phone, your credit or debit card details are needed to secure your booking.