Tips From Wedding Photographers

If you never know what to do when a camera appears, you’re not alone!

Whether you hate having your picture taken, or you’ve never had professional pictures taken before, when it comes to weddings, the pictures are one thing that you definitely want to get right.

To help you get ready for the occasion, we’ve consulted all the best wedding photographers in the Lake District, and our recommended photographers for weddings at the Inn on the Lake and Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa, to ask them for their best tips.

Seasonal Weddings in the Lake District

“Seasonal weddings are definitely overlooked!

Think about the different photo opportunities in the different seasons. Winter weddings offer fairy-lights, sparklers, and nighttime shoots, whereas a summer wedding offers beautiful summer evenings and sunny pictures.

Take the time to think about what style and mood of pictures you want – you won’t get as many sunny, bright pictures in the winter, but it may not get dark enough for sparklers and fairy-lights in the summer.”

Jason Chambers

If a winter wedding sounds perfect for you, you’re in luck!

We currently have last-minute Christmas wedding offers at Inn on the Lake and the Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa…

How do I choose a wedding photographer?

“Pick the photographer for their style and compatibility with yourselves – do your research!

Try not to focus too much on getting the cheapest photographer. These pictures will be one of the only things you get to keep of your wedding day, and are what you’ll show your children and grandchildren – you don’t get to re-do them if they don’t come out as good as you expected.

The weather can be unpredictable – I also recommend choosing a photographer that can deal with bad weather and use it to get amazing shots.”

Chris Freer

How do I get Pinterest-Style Wedding Pictures?

“A lot of couples make the mistake of bombarding their photographer with Pinterest boards and expect their pictures to be exactly like the pictures they see online.

The fact is that’s not always possible. Trust your photographer and try not to worry too much about posing or what you’re doing in the pictures. A good photographer will make you feel at ease and be able to capture those candid shots that are so popular online.

It’s important to feel confident in yourself and focus on being present and authentic in the moment in order to get the best pictures.”

Chris Freer

Help! I'm so awkward in pictures...

All our recommended photographers, and frequent visitors, recommend that you try your best to let go and relax on your wedding day in order to get the most natural and authentic pictures. But sometimes that’s easier said than done!

If you’re feeling nervous about the all-important picture of you and your (new) spouse walking back down the aisle as newlyweds, here’s a great tip from Jaye Adams.

“You can never have too much confetti!

Guests will throw confetti as you walk back up the aisle, which is guaranteed to get you giggling! This is where we get big smiles, and our couples relax as they are now officially married!

You can give each guest a paper cone filled with confetti, or, if you’re not a fan of confetti, or want something a little different, you can give your guests bottles of bubble mixture to blow bubbles as you walk past!”

Jaye Adams

Tips for Family Pictures

“Please tell the photographer about any awkward family dynamics to avoid unnecessary situations – and moody expressions – at your wedding!”

This tip is huge! And it may not be something you’ve seriously considered. If your parents are separated and won’t stand together for pictures, tell the photographer not to ask them to – otherwise, how are they to know? Trusting your photographers with this kind of information is essential to avoid upset and drama on your big day.

Along the same line, it’s also important to let your photographer know about any accessibility needs of your guests. If a certain guest is deaf, blind, or has reduced mobility, your photographer can use this information to best interact with your guests.

Can I still take wedding pictures if it's windy?

“Long hair can be a challenge with windy weather. If you know it’s going to be rough weather, it may be a good idea to choose an alternative hairstyle, or plan to have your hair up later in the day.”

Similarly, half-up-half-down hairstyles don’t hold up in the rain. Curls can fall out, and volume can be lost. An up-do will stay relatively stable all day.

"Weather can be worrying! Just remember that you're only going to wear your dress once. You can always get it cleaned, and it'll look good as new - don't be afraid to get it messy!"

Quickfire Wedding Photo Tips

To round things off, here is a ‘quickfire’ list of tips and tricks from photographer Steve Mulvey.

  • Pocket Distractions – “Empty your pockets! Whatever is in them creates awkward outlines.”
  • Timing – “Try scheduling time for pictures during Golden Hour. This makes for some breathtaking shots”
  • Embrace Candid Moments – “They capture the true essence of your love story”
  • Make the Most of Your Day – “Relaxed couples make for some remarkable photographs! Try not to get bogged down in the stress of the day and focus on the fact that it’s finally here.”

Which wedding photographer should I book?

There are plenty of talented Lake District Wedding Photographers. It’s important to find the photographer that matches your style and personality.

These are our recommended photographers for Inn on the Lake & Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa:

Jason Chambers Photography:

Instagram: @jason_chambers_photography

Website: Jason Chambers Photography

Chris Freer Photography

Instagram: @freerimages

Website: Chris Freer Photography

Ladybirds Photography

Instagram: @ladybirds_photography

Website: Ladybirds Photography

James Hicks Photography

Instagram: @jameshicksphotography

Website: James Hicks Photography

Kerry Woods Photography

Instagram: @kerrywoodsphoto

Website: Kerry Woods Photography

Tiree Dawson Photography

Instagram: @tireedawson

Website: Tiree Dawson Photography

Peter Ostrowski Photography

Instagram: @peter.wedding_cumbria

Website: Peter Ostrowksi Photography

Book Your Lake District Wedding

A good photographer is one thing, but you need a great venue.

Why not book a venue viewing at Inn on the Lake or the Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa? Our dedicated weddings team is passionate about creating incredible weddings and are always on hand to answer any queries.

The Inn on the Lake and the Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa both offer stunning Lakeside locations. 

The Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa is the perfect venue for couples looking to make a holiday of their big day, or treat their wedding parties to a spa treatment after all the excitement of the big day. The Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa is also slightly more remote than the Inn on the Lake, nestled in Borrowdale Valley and just outside of Keswick, Cumbria. The Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa also has more rooms to accommodate your guests.

The Inn on the Lake is just on the outskirts of Glenridding, and is within walking distance of local B&Bs and amenities. The Inn on the Lake also has more restaurants than the Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa, with the Orangery offering stunning panoramas of Ullswater.

But these two venues cannot be truly compared on paper – you would need to book your venue viewing at both Lake District Hotels venues to gain a true sense of what each hotel can offer, and which best suits your vision.