Lake District Proposal Inspiration from the Ladies of the Lodore!

As you will likely know, 2020 is a leap year, which not only means that we gain an extra day in the year… but tradition implies that February 29th is the official day for women to propose to their partners!


Although the origins of this reverse-proposal tradition are unknown, it’s a well-known practice that has even been traced back as far as the 13th Century. While times have moved on and gender stereotypes no longer define who or when you can propose, the urban belief has still been a fun talking point at Lake District Hotels HQ.

Love at the Lodore

Many love-birds, both young and old, regularly flock to the dreamy atmosphere of the Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa for a luxurious couples getaway, and our Deluxe Spa Suites have become somewhat of a Lake District proposal hotspot!

This, coupled with the fact that we specialise in delivering idyllic Lake District Weddings to engaged couples up and down the nation, firmly cements our elegant hotel as a destination where romance and love fill the walls.


For this reason, we decided to ask some of the Lodore ladies how they would propose this leap year if they were intending to. So, if you’re ready to ‘make the leap’ this leap year, why not take a bit of Lake District proposal inspiration from our Weddings, Events and Sales team.

Nicolle Mackenzie

Job title: Wedding Co-Ordinator

Proposal: “If I were to propose this leap year, my partner loves being outdoors, so I’d pack up a tent, put on our walking boots, hike up a mountain and propose under the stars. I’d want a very personal proposal, not surrounded by lots of people so it is very special to us; and after all, there’s nowhere more romantic than the Lake District.”


Our verdict: As far as traditional, Lake District proposals go, you can’t really beat popping the question whilst being completely surrounded by panoramic vistas. If you love the outdoors as much as these two, your proposal doesn’t get more special than this.

Lake District proposal inspiration

Michaela O’Brien

Job title: Weddings & Events Assistant

Proposal: “If I were to propose this leap year, I’d want the setting to be as personal and romantic as possible; and I’d just have to incorporate the scenic Lake Derwentwater in it somehow. For this reason, I would head down to the lake, hire a rowing boat, set sail and then find an appropriate time to pop the question while admiring the panoramic scenery… so long as the weather was fine of course!”


Our verdict: We love this proposal idea! It takes in the best aspects of the surrounding area without being too strenuous or public, meaning anyone could recreate this idyllic scene.

Stephanie Mcewan

Job title: Conference & Banqueting Manager

Proposal: “If I were to propose this leap year, I’d want it to be as big a surprise as possible… and ironically I would take my partner up to ‘Surprise View’ of all places! I’d pack a romantic picnic for us both, complete with scones and a little bottle of wine, then once we’d finished and were admiring the views of Derwentwater and the surrounding fells, I’d ask. Of course, the dogs would have to be there with us too as they’re both very special to us!”


Our verdict: As one of the most dog-friendly hotel groups in the whole of the Lake District, we love the idea of having dogs at any significant life event. Surprise View is one of the most romantic places in the whole of the Lakes and it’s ideally located near the Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa so you can join us afterwards to celebrate.

Lake District proposal inspiration

Rebecca Naylor

Job title: Business Development Manager

Proposal: “If I were to propose this leap year and nothing were to limit me, I would book a romantic table for two in our very own Mizu Pan-Asian Restaurant. After the two of us enjoyed the delicious 6-course Tasting Menu for two it would be time to open our Mizu fortune cookies, to which my proposal would be inside.”


Our verdict: Unfortunately, Mizu don’t do personalized fortune cookies just yet! But we loved this idea for its creativity… plus you can’t beat a tasty meal at Mizu. We know the restaurant team would go above and beyond to make this proposal special.


Propose in the Lake District

If our Lodore ladies have inspired you to pluck up the courage and ask that all-important question this year, make it as memorable as possible and book your romantic escape to the Lake District.

Of course, this is 2020, so we’re all for ladies proposing at any time of the year, not just February 29th.

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